Reasons why the charm nerf is flawed

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  1. Why are you complaining if it doesnt effect ebs and you are a fairy?
  2. Have u all notice he is always crying and happy now? Coz he dont have charms lol
    ,But still he fails even charms changes
    After his numerous cf and still keep talking nonsense whereever,
    To : afterlife_falco_wog
  3. So I guess not being involved in osw which slows your growth makes you a fairy even when your top 50-100 in wars every event?
  4. Everyone love to call others eb fairy. Truthfully everyone is eb fairy. Why shouldn’t you join osw if it’s not the way you want to play. Only player love osw are those with core group who understand the game is fun with your friends around.
  5. Shouldn’t have a problem for the first few. After that it tends to be mostly fails

  6. Yes , thats the very definition of fairy.
    Charms should have never had any effect in wars in the first place.

  7. 1 bcs tank example

    100/400 100/400

    2.4bcs hansel example

    100/300 900/1100

    Meaning the first 55-70% of hits should have 0/1 fails
  8. I find it funny complaining about the charm adjustment. You want a real pay to play go for those "other" war games. You know the ones im talking about.. you cant grow at all because the big spenders take instantly, cheap packs get blocked after purchasing that price forcing to next tier, not to mention owned by chinese companies where they consider forcing "foreigners" to spend while chinese cheating gets ignored but if you do what they do, your account gets deleted.

    Come on children, this is the closest game you can get to being a balanced system for paying and non paying players. They are doing what they can. You really want to fix it, stop cheating with many alt accts. 1 per device. Its too bad ata doesnt have the staff to enforce going back to that.
  9. "I dont cheat by buying accounts for charms! I just have a bunch of alts to all send charms to 1 account!"

    Hey devs, next step. Put a hard limit on the # of alts anyone can own. Do that and we can make real progress.
  10. I don’t fail on you little girl, you never sent inc to anyone in OSW before charm nerf (someone from her own clan sent this, I have proof), I have never cried about it before (you have no proof), you still don’t send inc because you’re the second most useless account after DHK, so you tell me who’s crying

  11. We all know u are a crying boy and no guts to fight ,just talked. I have toilet tissue here for your tears hehe, the most big mouth in wog is falco, i like those big in wog who doesnt talk much but fighting, facepalm
  12. The one who sent u that just hate me,he dunno what i do 24/7 or teamviewer who i hit duh,infact i stripped most and track ur timings, stupid u dunno anything
  13. And stop calling my name in forum or wherever you are,im done wasting time with u,
  14. Please take yourself out of the gene pool
  15. That made me laugh literally
  16. What is salty and sweet and overflowing?

    Musang tears
  17. After 9 years of this and countless debacles caused by poor game design, I have no idea why anyone is surprised or upset that the devs took corrective actions that punish those who spent a lot of money and effort.

    For any newer players, please ask an old timer about the plunder wars, the reset bonus nerf, or the building price changes.

    Personally, I can’t wait for the unforseen effects of smithing to be nerfed and the hilarity of the subsequent posts that it just isn’t fair.
  18. Only tears you get from is for laughter. You have to be the dumbest players not realizing on adapting mode. Few more months I’ll be back smacking your whole clan again
  19. Please explain how getting 13b in charms is easy?
  20. We have already waited for years for your clan to even be properly hitting. Definitely we can wait that few more months for you.