Reasons why the charm nerf is flawed

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  1. Not one person has been pissed off by you lol
  2. Those that bought charms with money broke TOU, devs had every right to do this...and you’re practically bawling your eyes out right, you’re retiring even though this nerf doesn’t affect you in anyway
  3. Falco do you even understand this changes? I think you are talking off your ass. The changes didn’t affect the alb guys. They have the same strength. They are mostly the one bought charms off market. If devs want real changes should be across the board not to favor the ALB which the one who did the most buying off market. The small players who bought seal and traded them for charms are the one got screwed really bad. Their money value gone without compensation from devs. If I’m them I would send a complain to Apple or google and explain how devs screw them with their money and get a refund. For those who traded seals for 200 mill a charms. Thad’s $6 each deal if they made like 200 traded that’s $1200. Now they lost all affect with those charms if they are less than 2 billion CS. Apple will be easier to deal. Since ATA only in Canada and Apple everywhere you can contact them or sue them on behalf of ata if you spend more than $10k on seals to trade for charms.
  4. Lol go for it, I’m all for shutting down this game, would love to see the reaction on Apoc/Wdgaf LBs and the tens of thousands they’ve spent. But I just see another crier who’s charms are useless because he obtained them by breaking TOU (you btw not AJ). Yes ALB are just as strong but stripping them is helluva lot easier than before so it’s a win for now

    On a side note, looking for a nurse who owns a restaurant who is also a condominium broker with 7 holdings that has pocket WiFi
  5. The only people complaining about this change are the ones who either aren’t affected by it anyway or the ones who outright abused it. Charms were flawed from the onset and all the devs have done here is fix the system.
  6. Seems like a pretty decent nerf to me tbh
  7. No I get that part now. Thanks thrawn
  8. Also everyone is saying ALB is easier to strip now than ever but I’d like to see you osw guys try and strip them now and see how it works for ya. Seriously I’m curious about it. Lemme kno. I don’t think it’s nearly as easy to do as you all seem to think. I don’t think it’ll be effective in any way.
  9. If your charm heavy the obvious answer is to hire allies. 1 bil in cs from an ally cost you what 180T? That nets you 1 bil bfa plus raises your charm cap by 4 bil. Devs say the average player has 5 bil in charms so hire a dang ally. The thing that makes this update amazing is no one is untouchable! That’s what this game was built on! We have seen several top 5 ally lb stripped to nothing over the years and this makes that possible again. Great update!
  10. they all talk. It’s not easy before charms surely not easy now. ALB invest real money with deep pockets. Do you think they wouldn’t spend xtra protection for them outside the game
  11. Happened more than a few times...ask Romeo or harbringer
  12. Of course it is not easy to strip an alb player naked. It never was and im sure it never was meant to be easy.
    The fact is, that with loads of hoarded charms it became actually IMPOSSIBLE to strip. If a player was alb 1-20 and got loads of stacked charms then he was simply untouchable. And thats not the way kaw should be.
    The nerf devs made now just rebalanced the game to a stripability like it was before.

    Before charms it also was very hard to strip an alb-player, especially if you only did partial strips and not fullly naked because then your steals/atks still had do deal with huge bfa.
    Now its the same:
    partial strip: hard to succeed
    fully naked: (relatively) "easy" success

    Like with every other strip you need enough players/actions ofc. Thats how it always was and how it should be.
    Again: Why should it be EASY to strip an alb-player? makes no sense.
    It just shouldnt be impossible!
    I like the nerf - when you think about it it seems to make a lot of sense.

    I agree though that there might be players who legaly stacked a lot of charms by trading and got messed up now. I can understand that those very few are pissed and they might get a compensation? dont know how though. But for the majority and kaw itself it was a good change imo. Just muuuuuch too late!

    Lets give it a while and look what will happen. Maybe albs will strip each other? maybe it encourages to more pvp? lets see...

    /edit: I put in the wrong quote. corrected this :mrgreen:
  13. @ drake Romeo was not in OSW when he was stripped. Harb was not in OSW when he was stripped. Harb stripped was plan for months. Twicc have something to do with his strip and tracking. ZAFT was getting involve on our war with YAFI. We knew then without laoda they couldn’t stay together. Since he was not expecting it didn’t take long to clear him. Any ALB in OSW is harder to strip to prove that. Look at -IMF- for more than 3 years he never loses anything. Many like him in ALB near impossible to strip. You are making example of players not in OSW.
  14. "devs ruined this game by nerfing charms so lets sue them for 10k"

    funniest thing ive read in forums for a while :lol:
  15. Does no one know about the alerts programs that most OSW LBs use that alerts them, or auto pins if they get stripped / hit?

    Also another reason you don't hear of big strips IN OSWs anymore is because literally all the OSW clans have some sort of anti strip protection.

    A big surprise strip on someone not part of a OSW could happen for sure, but stripping a LB in one of those big OSW clans? Lol, good luck. They can go inactive for days and still not be touched thanks to certain programs.
  16. Not sue them for $10k. If you spend more than $10k buying seals to trade for charms. Since devs change the charm mechanics unfairly to smaller guys who are 2 billion CS and bellow. Anyone with 2 billion CS and bellow even how much charms you have that are nearly zero effect. So if you are on this range and spend $10k or more. You have the right to get a refund. For example I don’t think you would accept if you bought a car with all the option. Then the government says to the car manufacturer some of their option is not allowed in the road. Then car company take some of those option you already paid. The car manufacturer will give you refund of the xtra option. Then devs should refund with their screw ups
  17. is no one gonna mention kirara then? lol does anyone actually check the ally lb
  18. Another thing that hasn’t really been noted is the devaluation of sdt.

    Take a bc hansel with ~2.4b sd and a bc tank with 1b sdt, each with 60b in sd charms.

    Under old system, in a zs strip situation, the hansel would only have the 60b in charms as sd, whereas the tank would have 110b (50b cs 60b charms). So the tank has almost double the sd thanks to the towers.

    Under the new system, the tank still has 50b from the towers, but is capped at 25b charms, for 75b total sd.

    However the hansel gets to keep the 60b in charms.

    75b to 60b isn’t that big an advantage compared to 110b to 60b.

    Goodbye tank builds! Again the devs try to kill build variety by making tanks easier to strip than they ever were.

  19. A hansel 2.4x the size of any tank shouldn't have a problem stling them .what are you complaining about again?

  20. Im 2bcs, have very rarely traded my charms away with 0 bfa, im not even at 30% of my cap, just shows how many alts you have musang