Reasons why the charm nerf is flawed

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  1. I will be the first to say that I believe charms needed a nerf.... bad. But at the same time I believe that the devs did this change in a terrible way. Here is why

    1. You cannot completely disregard the time and money that some people put into charms. While most people with huge stacks and insane amounts of charms paid for them, some people actually grinded to get where they were without pay like @HT-xxllliiAJtheGREATiilllxx-HT who did not pay for his charms.

    2. Allie LB players cannot be touched and it is almost impossible to strip them and make a change now. Stripping Allie LB players is now incredibly difficult because they have more charms accessible for pvp than anyone else unless someone higher on the LB.

    3. Now everyone basically will have cap charms now since the cap is so low. I have roughly 15b worth of charms as my cap... that’s not hard to get at all. Most players have their cap in charms already.

    4. This is similar to 3 but since people have their cap in gives no incentive for people to do these new events devs keep handing us.... why grind for more charms when you are already so high above your cap in charms it will never make a difference if you do the legends for the events or not.

    5. Lets be honest. MAYBE 1% of players will EVER be build complete. And 1% is a stretch. So charms that players have will be capped to nearly every player in kaw forever. And even to be build comeolete and have all of your charms added into pvp you cannot have the hoarfrost troops and spies glitch.

    I do agree that charms needed a change but this update was definitely the wrong way to do it. Devs please note my grievances and hopefully the community hacks me up on this as well. Please tell me what you guys think below whether you agree or disagree, all for the betterment of KaW.

    P.S. @HT-xxllliiAJtheGREATiilllxx-HT thanks for being a good friend. I’m sorry you feel obligated to leave now that you have been so screwed over.
  2. Ya gotta keep in mind they are trying to keep kaw from becoming strictly pay to play. They wont be able to satisfy all players, thats simply impossible. This also puts a dent intaking out advantage of multiple alts of charm farmers.

    Lets see gow this works out, after all it can easily be undone as easily as it was implemented.
  3. No support, the rebalance was needed. Also makes ALB accounts stripable since they usually have charms and allies. Strip their allies, their bfa is gone and so is a good chunk of their bfe.
  4. I just think it could’ve been done a different way. How? Idk exactly but I don’t like how small the cap is and how overall it is. Maybe they do it where you get a % bonus of charms ur allies have and the % goes up the more you gold you have in allies like LL bonuses.
  5. This is wrong and something many people obviously still havent understood properly:

    Those players were quite untouchable BEFORE the nerf-here i agree.
    But now they become touchable in that moment they actually Stripped naked because from this Moment on their charms- cap is lowered to Zero (for the bfax4-Part).
    So: strip any alb Player to zero Makes him easy stl target from that Moment on (regarding charms).
    Ofc its still a huge step to accumulate the funds plus you need a whole lot of well coordinated lb players to dry of but why should it be easy to strip a lb player?

    Actually i was surprised by this solution and have to say that it seems to be quite well thought out at First and second glance. Lets look what it brings on the Long Term.
  6. it makes stripping LB easier... for every hire you make it reduces cap and in turn weakens them, making them easier to hit once allies are hired

    EDIT: my bad it was said before me
  7. Providing you have 1000’s of people and quadrillions in gold to strip them, and after you do you might as well kiss your allies and charms bonus goodbye because they have quadrillions in bars to retaliate which many of us don’t have to recover like LB. This update basically divides parity and again puts the bulk of the power in 1% of accounts, the 1% who can afford to spend 1000’s. Charms gave parity and allowed good active accounts who can’t spend freely an opportunity to be competitive with LB players. I’m truly glad I didn’t pay for my showcase now I don’t have to try to sell it to quit. ️

    Jstrong you were one of the few loyal people this game has to offer! Don’t change that my friend
  8. And not to mention the same accounts who cried about charms were the same one selling theirs to the charm hoarders for money or ally hires. So that is who the devs appeased here, the same accounts who made money on a 3rd party app selling their charms. Go figure. Anyhow dropping allies and moving on ️
  9. You ignore the fact that lb players might strip eachother...
  10. And they still have the reserve to retaliate and recover.
  11. And stripping each other would still require 100’s of people blowing xstals to help.
  12. You have a good point and I will admit I misunderstood this point but I still am not too fond of the update overall. But that is solely my opinion
  13. I think AJ is right here as well tho. While it is possible to strip it would literally take every OSW clan to come together just to strip one top Allie LB player and for what? So they can cash out sb and gb and be back there
  14. You forget stats still impact charms, no lb player is “ easy steals” regardless of charms/allies and so on, still a small select % that’s can successfully hit these LB players. Also forget that they are like any other active player and probably not away from the game long enough to be stripped, takes hours.
  15. It’s painfully clear how out of touch with the actual game the devs are, this is a big issue because all they have to go by is the feedback they receive which is usually crying, no one has even mentioned the accounts who sold charms for money/hires/furniture are the biggest complainers about charms. These are the accounts the devs are appeasing to(because they cried so hard) with this “rebalance”
  16. Cap is based on RAW stats, not your bta. Your cap based solely on build is like 23b or something, and it looks like you have a fair amount of allies so it's only going up from there.

    One point of the nerf was to not have accounts based just around accumulating charms and nothing else. Small accounts can still be useful, but won't be broken enough to run fbs on bc players any more with just charms, they have to have also amassed lots of bfa. The cap is actually quite generous IMO, obviously it's smaller for smaller players, and it should be that way to make things a bit more balanced. Smalls can still buy allies and dramatically increase their charm capacity if they want to stay small; the nerf makes it so each player's account must be more than one dimensional.
  17. While accounts like mine that are well balanced and worked my ass of to collect charms basically gets screwed and can only use a small portion of their work. No compensation or accounts who adjusted their build around their showcases. This sets accounts like mine back years.
  18. Bro don’t quit. Don’t let devs win. Let’s just play normally and learn to adapt. As long you don’t support devs monitarily you already won

  19. Agreed. I beleive you, you actually did legit trading for your charms, to the best of my knowledge. But the charm system was riddled with flaws... and no fix was gonna be without drawbacks. This half thought out changes and rebalances are why i stopped taking kaw seriously in 2015. I just enjoy the ride now, whoever bumpy.
  20. Sitting on 6q of just crap allies and only a few Q of decent ones all hired for charms(now useless) and dropped builds to accommodate my showcase and maximize my plunder, all of these changes were made solely because of charms. It will take years to recover and even longer to catch back up. I wouldn’t spend another dime on this game regardless, the devs have no clue how it is played and even less of a clue of what direction they actually want to take it. Every release ends the same way, a complete mess. ( charms, pwars, LL wars, ASW, winter wars, last events PVP release just to name a few)