Real Wars

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by *KingdomofKaW (01), Feb 27, 2012.

  1. What happened to real wars now there's always EB after EB I think RWs should be brought back

    The old KaW should be brought back

  2. Same hear I miss the old days
  3. Ya.....but they won't come back people like to do EBs to much

    They don't like the real way that it used to be..... The original way which is the harder and more fun way
  4. Rwar here, it's all out merc best time so far in kaw for me
  5. Wheres your main?

    I would like to see if thier clan's doing back to back Ebs ;)

    Unless.. Your bluffing us with those 7 days achievement :D

    But Rwars everyday is good for no-one but nob abusers.. They'd retain thier money, while other people were attacked relentlessly.. :/
  6. -neon- before ebs and pw real wars were all that was there and the battle list was used there was still farming but real wars rocked back then test strength who was the best all that
  7. Steph, I know.. I've been told.

    What're you trying to say?

    I've warred quite a bit.
  8. Clans could recruit easier all that there wasn't any osw like there are now not really it was great back in the old days
  9. My main isn't played very much and he was in fact in a b2b EB clan cause that's the easiest way to make $ but I'm just saying maybe we should go back for a lil bit to where when u upgraded it was a great accomplishment and when it was actually kingdoms at war not kingdoms working together to defeat a monster or a squid or whatever is in all of the EBs
  10. Nothing really everyones got opions lol mine is real wars rock but yea to get LCbc it be way easier go EB then rw ik but I wasn't a fan on highlands my self lol
  11. Not every clan does eb without stop ;)

    JackȻƦ Ѳחsʟαυցիτ
  12. I've been in three system wars this month. What were you doing?
  13. Camy ik I miss the old days zodiac lead the boards everyone wanted to beat there 14/0 streak lol god I miss those days battle list was used clans fought lol old days need to come back
  14. Strategy? Wars are here, you just have to look
  15. Haha I haven't been in one in a week or so but I think I'm go to one hear soon im not gonna say I dont EB just sayin I love real wars haha