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  3. Long ago, in days long passed, there lived a powerful and greedy king. Though he had lived a wealthy, happy, peaceful life, his mind and body started to wither as he lost his youth. In all his pride and greed, he developed an obsession: to live forever. His obsession would cause him to spend the rest of his short life trying to create a path to the forces of beyond. His mission? To find death and take control of it; master it; conquer it to bend it to his every will. One day, in one of his boldest and wildest attempts, he finally created the passage to the underworld. But by this time, he was so old and frail that death quickly overcame him, and his kingdom would fall victim to the darkness.

    Though it has been eons since the days of the greedy king, the dark kingdom still stands to this day. As darkness covers the land, it has become clear that there is a great threat emerging from the kingdom. The kingdoms have united on a single front to take a stand against
    emerging evil, and they have become known as Victrix Mortalis, also known as the Conquerors of Death.

    Do you have what it takes to Conquer death?

    • Victrix Mortalis


    Victrix Mortalis is currently looking for people with these qualities!
    • •Players from all time zones
      •No min cs, but big enough to hit EB's so you can grow

    Current Ops

    •Unlock EB's
    •Actively grow


    No history yet, come make some history with us!


    • •The noob clan

    *Message me if you'd like to become allies with Victrix Mortalis.


    • •Must have some KaW experience, we plan to war in the near future.
      •You should be potted up for your own sake.
      •Stats don't matter but be sure you can hit the eb.
      •Farming doesn't matter but don't coming crying if you get hit back.
    *If any of the rules are unclear please message me, I will get back to you ASAP.

    Q N' A

    • Q: What do you plan to achieve as a clan?
      A: We plan to spread out and become successful, that is what our goal is. Yet, we will do what it takes to protect our members.
      Q:What is Victrix Mortalis doing right now?
      A: As a new clan we will try our best to find what eb we can finish fastest with the highest payout. I personally want to do back to back No Mans Land.
      Q:What kind of clan are you?
      A: We consist of many forum users, so you can say a forum clan. We also promote PVP as long as you keep it fair, and don't bring to much drama that we can't handle.
      Q: What does Victrix Mortalis stand for?
      A: Victrix Mortalis is Latin for conquers of death.

    *Note; contact any of the members on the list below to answer questions I may have not covered.


    On behalf of Victrix Mortalis, I'd like to thank you for reading our recruitment thread.

    Thread updated by Devil, but big credits to Vengeful for making the original [size]
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  11. OurClan/OurClanToo

    OurClan was created 3 years ago in October when a group of friends left superheroes to decide there own fate. Down the road OurClan has dealt with some serious bumps in the road but they haven't stop the clan. Come and join OurClan to experience a living legacy.

    Current Ops
    Currently at OurClan they are focused on running top tier epic battles repetitively.

    • • Ncu Dominion
      • -Bregan D'Aerthe-
      • Noobs Are Us
      • Epic Monsters
      • Call of Combat

    • •Have fun
      •Be active
      •Don't sweat the small stuff
      •Always pay attention to CA / CC
      •Be respectful of the clan
      •No farming
      •If farmed notify an admin before you hit back
      •We will war for you unless you act like a child
      •We are family, no fighting or you will be kicked

    Stat Requirements
    The stat requirements to join the main clan is 10mill cs, any player below the stat requirement is encouraged to join the sub clan.
    The subs name is OurClanToo

    Contact list
    • • Bruin (Owner)
      • LadyPat (Admin)
      • OC-HellRaiser-OC (Admin)
      • -WisDOMinioN- (Admin)

    Q n' A
    Q:What does OurClan offer that you can't find anywhere else?
    A:Here at OurClan we a tightly nit family and we can offer a helpful environment for new players.

    *For any unanswered questions contact Bruin
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