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    Alright, I've been noticing that players usually don't make their threads longer than a line or two. All I'm asking is PUT SOME EFFORT.
    Pretty simple, and if it isn't, that's why I put up this thread. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of threads with inadequate information.
    Here's a list of things. The few of it that are absolutely necessary will be denoted with an asterisk.

    • Thread Title/Subject *
    Clan Banner/Flag/Motto
    • Foreword/Background History
    Current Operations **
    • List of Admins ***
    Short Q & A
    • Criteria *
    ** At least write what the aim of your clan is. Read on.
    *** Leave someone's name as a contact.

    I'll run through them so that you know what I mean.

    Thread Title/Subject
    This is what you use as the title of your thread, so it's very much recommended that you put your clan name. It may look better if you didn't use Emoji as well, because firstly, PC users can't see them, and secondly, simplicity can be beautiful. Too many cooks spoil the stew and whatever. Point is, keep it short and simple if you can.

    Some players prefer using a catchy phrase or their motto as their thread title. That's fine too, but not recommended. We're making a thread here aren't we? So let's try to keep it short and sweet then.

    Clan Banner/Flag/Motto
    Optional, but I would recommend it IF possible. It's look pretty neat if you had a nice logo for your clan. Countries have flags too, so your alliance of kingdoms can have one too. How do you make one? MS Paint or Photoshop, this thread isn't meant to teach you image editing. Google!

    Foreword/Background History
    Again, optional, but I would really recommend this. How was your clan created? When? Why? Sure, it might be in the past, but history is important isn't it? Your roots; how a tiny clan like yours grew and defined itself through its experiences. The friends and enemies it made, the drama, etc. Some of you might be casual gamers, you don't know what I mean, but for those that do, I'm sure it was important to you. So share some of it in your clan thread.

    Current Operations
    This is entirely up to you, I'm neutral about it. If you feel players ought to know how your clan works, or what its goals are, list them out. Maybe you encourage farming? Are you a war clan or just a hub for people to meet new friends? What are you goals; leaderboards, social, a tight family, fame, plunder, etc and why?

    List of Admins
    It doesn't hurt to list out who your trusted/fellow admins are. For example, if players had questions about your clan, it'd be easier for them to wall you directly then to post on the thread and wait for a reply. Furthermore, perhaps not all admins want to be bothered.

    In that case, you can write something like "Contact Serpent for an interview." or "Wall General_Agamemnon if you have questions". Damn, that reminds me, hardly anyone does interviews anymore because of the old Hit & Runs eh? If you want people that will fit well in your clan rather than just sit on their butts and spam EBs without a word, then you should do interviews. Unless your clan has an Open Door policy, like mine.

    Short Q & A
    Do you get the same questions constantly about your clan? You might want to make a section like this, to make your obligations less of a burden.

    I know a lot of clans (also due to inflation) have discarded the need for a criteria due to the PWs.
    I remember back then before T4s and all that, I was new to the game. In fact, before KaW, I was always a solo player. I never joined clans because I was too proud to ask and too weak to be asked. Anyway, at that time, almost every clan had a stat requirement. Of course, being new, I couldn't join any of them. So eventually, I joined a clan that was newly formed.
    TL;DR, that's some background info if you never had to deal with stat requirements. I'll list out some examples of the "criterias" I'm talking about.

    • Stat Requirements - 40K
    • Farming not allowed
    • Must be active in CC!
    • Loyalty!
    • Keep CC PG-rated.
    • If you attack any of our members, we will retaliate!
    • Activity checks will be done weekly, inactives will be kicked.
    • Please notify admins if you're going to be inactive.

    That's very much like those on the Clan Description isn't it? Exactly, except here, you can write it out as long and detailed as you want. Furthermore, players will know what kind of clan they're looking at.

    Not needed, but if you ever need a place to show your alliances, and it takes too much space write it out in your CD, do it here. Some clans think it's foolish to proclaim who their allies are, but others are proud of their bonds. Whichever the case, you can include it in your clan thread.
  2. An example

    The following is an EXAMPLE.
    Half of it consists of fictional details.


    Foreword From The Owner, Corinthian
    The following is a summary of the official clan thread.
    The Observers were founded in June 2010 by an alt of Scarlet Shadow. The reason I did not found the clan myself was because the account wanted the achievement, and wanted to do me a favor.

    Originally, The Observers were founded as a bit of a retirement clan to escape the FLH drama, but it's initial purpose was as the name suggested to test various mechanics and tactics and publish them on a now-lost clan thread. There were no clan restrictions to apply, but since most of my allies were spread among FLH clans or at their own clans, the majority of the kingdoms were relatively new kingdoms, just applying to be in a clan run by a mod.

    Eventually, other moderators joined, thus The Observers is occasionally being called a moderator clan. Additionally, a good many forum regulars joined the clan and used its chat as well; a chat room to save from derailing threads with random conversation. What took the main direction of the clan for this part were 2 things
    1. A soak for all anti-mod players and clans to fight against
    2. Anti-plunder war operations.

    The first is relatively self-explanatory. A moderator silences a player, explains why rather foolishly on their wall when no other moderators were, and receives good old hate attacks and long discussions to follow. Please remember that at this time **UPDATE** in world chat did not post when a player was silenced.

    As for the second, while I was away plunder wars had been discovered as a means to both feed a clan gold up until build complete and rapidly transfer broken amounts of gold to the OSF and/or OAF. Due to the popularity of this abuse in the system and the fact that only the community could do anything about it at that time, a good bit of effort was spent enlisting various players and clans to crash plunder wars by shutting down the OSF/OAF and even spend a little bit of time hitting the temporary members of the clan. Admittedly, we met little success in this endeavor, but it was highly profitable to the clan and rather fun.

    Lastly, a handful of members at this point from then until my latest return in August left the clan to join new clans and disband them to fight the inflation of new clans.

    After Epic Battles were released the clan briefly became rather popular and we cleared all series in the week or two post-release. The clan revived under more of a piracy clan leaning off of small non-system wars, various farming incidents, and pirating off of Plunder War OSF/OAFs still up until the mithril update where plunder wars were effectively killed. From that point until now, the clan still looks to get in the odd non-system fight, but are currently a bit lost for income and run series one and two missions to get by for the time being.

    Current Operations
    The Observers currently is a safe haven for those seeking for attack other kingdoms freely, as well as a place to grow for small players via our small epic battles we run. Past this, we get visitors from time to time and come and go as we please ourselves, hosting the odd system and non-system war when they come up.

    There are no requirements to join The Observers, and you can leave freely, but it must be said that the Terms of Use are enforced in our Clan Chat and is punishable by silence. Those not in the know or that slip up have been silenced before and can speak for themselves.

    There's currently not much going on at the moment to speak of as far as clan activities go, and our latest clan activity was defeating the Intrepidus family in a non-system war so for the moment we're just sitting about waiting for some poor target to take the bait and declare war on us.

    Do The Observers have any allies or are in any alliances or factions?
    The Observers don't really like making alliances with clans as they can lead to odd obligations and can also cause a disadvantage to the clan in a non-system war if we're foolish enough to add them to our clan description. Instead, we've got various friends and individual kingdoms or contacts that can possibly bring a few other friends or clans if need be. No, we're not going to make a list and post all of the people/clans that support us. That is for us to know, and for you to find out if you're foolish enough to try to.

    Do The Observers have a clan OSF?
    No official clan OSF, although we probably could if we really wanted one. If someone needs gold in our clan, we generally either do a small epic that anyone can hit in and that we can finish, or that player searches up an OSF or Hansel they can hit out of war and hits them.

    Is everyone in The Observers a moderator?
    No, while we might get called a moderator clan since we have a moderator or more in it at various times, not everyone is a moderator, sorry. Additionally, being in The Observers doesn't improve your chances of becoming a moderator.

    Can I talk about third-party material in The Observers?
    If you missed it, we enforce the Terms of Use in the clan. If you'd like to get silenced, feel free.

    General Modus Operandi
    Stay loyal!
    Do we have a biscuit jar? YES.
    Open door policy.
    No stats requirement.
    Terms of Use enforced in clan.
    Do we allow farming? HELL YEAH.

    Alliances (EXAMPLE)
    Shed Skin
    Star Portal
    Larry's Emporium
    Flying Cheeseman
    Davy Jones' Locker
    Second Time Around

    Official The Observers thread.

    I srsly copy and pasted most of it.
  3. I've been looking through the Clan & Alliances section and some of the clan threads are atrocious.

    Thread Creator:
    Thread Title:
    Thread Content:
    Hi can someone tell me when my plunder bonus will stop rising if I buy allies?
    What's Wrong?
    Wrong section, obviously. And the only way to test them out is to keep buying and attacking players until it stops.

    Thread Creator:
    Thread Title:
    Giving Away My Clan
    Thread Content:
    Giving My Clan 2 The Highest BidderPut A Offer Down Below If Interested
    Bids Close In 72hrs Good Luck
    What's Wrong?
    This section is NOT for you to hold auctions. You can give for free if you want, but you don't hold auctions. If a player wants to buy a clan, fork out 3B. It's dirt cheap, just ask any decent player.

    Thread Creator:
    Thread Title:
    Thread Content:
    Were the best clan ever we just can't help it.
    What's Wrong?
    I've got nothing to say.
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