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  1. To me, they should have simply changed names, and not to try recall some of characters in the anime.
    I know they wrote something like "inspired by" but calling mc Light and the other guy L. I think that's the bad part. Cause people can't help but compare them to actual Light and L. Which,if you have seen the anime, it will kinda annoys you.
    So yeah. If you haven't seen the snime, watch the movie 1st.
  2. Not seen but from what I've seen, it looks alright one of the better real life adaptations but not the best movie out there
  3. It was good if you don't compare it to the anime or manga.
  4. Why was L black? Also he didn't even act like him at all...
  5. The part of me that loved the anime hated this movie.

    The part of me that is a critic hated this movie.

    The rest of me enjoyed this movie. If you forget the fact that the anime is one of the best pieces of art in modern history, and you look past the horrible teen angst, this movie is enjoyable. Not good, but enjoyable.

    Also i thought L was very well represented until around the half way point. Despite the fact that they turned one of the whitest characters in anime black.