Re scale the economy

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  1. I've been gone a few years recently got back.
    Noticed w the addition of new lands and EB's and whatnot, the money has gotten a lot of extra zeros, an excessive amount really.

    Trillions used to be hard to come by, now they're as common as billions used to be.

    I think the devs may not have anticipated the game lasting as long as it has.
    As the game progresses, so does the values and prices of commodities and rewards.

    There's already a quadrillion threshold kicken around I'm sure.
    Which means it's not impossible for that to be common and somewhere down the line we'll reach the gazillion mark.

    Why not scale things down, cut back on afew zeros, and leave more room for future advancement down the line.
    Without having to use ridiculous numbers.

    At this point we could make a mil the equivalent of like 1k-10k-100k or something and remove some of the unnecessary zeros.
    While still keeping things running and having a ton of upward progress available, without having to use ridiculous numbers.

    I know, this is a petty observation on my part, but still one of those things that kinda makes sense to me.
    Especially if the game plans on existing for the foreseeable future.

    At some point they've gotta re scale the economy, or everybody is gonna be talking in gazillion at some point down the line.
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