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  1. Perfectly said
  2. Personally I think that they got it easy, YAFI should have been disbanded, 50 accounts isn't a minor infringement, it is unprecedented. It brings into question the legitimacy of all their high profile strips, and if I was one of those I'd be looking at a refund from bet is watch this space on that one

    Ooops I was the Lemmings Effect that caused all those resets
  3. You all going to fight? Or sit in here to get kaw community to feel bad for you? Yafi still here if you haven't notice. New age your track record will come back and bit you. Several of your member cheat constantly!! Bots sharing accts your day will come its not over yet!
  4. Are you actually admitting what I think you are admitting?
  5. That wasn't admitting anything. Twicc sent a script out that supposedly Yafi made. How was Twicc able to get unsilenced so fast from permanent? The amount of bias just displayed from this is unbelievable. They are taking actions on a fake script. Who would even call after one's self? Kaw why does Twicc keep getting unsilenced from permanent? Please I would love to know.
  6. Are you really comparing being silenced to having half your clan reset for botting
  7. Maybe he's the kind of guy who compares parking tickets to drunk driving :lol:

    I can see him now..

    "How does so and so get away with parking in a 15 minute limit parking spot for over 25 minutes but I get arrested and have to have a breathalyzer put in my car for blowing a .281!! This is unfair!"
  8. Hmmmm all my respect for them has vanish. All their record breaking strips could have been done by boys
  9. You are publicly accusing na of botting/account sharing. That is a violation of tou if im not mistaken. I guess you havent have enough punishment.
  10. It's ok with us Salty, let WhiteGhost run his mouth off, it's all he's got left. If he seriously thinks ATA hasn't scrutinised every single member of NA he is dumber than he sounds; and that's impossible.

    Funny thing is that if YAFAIL hadn't have interfered in NA business all those accounts would be botting their hearts out still. You want to know how we first identified the bots? It was when your new meatshields from LOS joined, and forgot to coordinate strips with the YAFI bot masters. So they'd be stripping, and the bots would be assassinating us Oooops sprung. This happened time and time again, so we started tracking.

    So in the end YAFI gets what Harriet sowed️
  11. Yo whiteghost for your information all my incs been monitored for many months and rest of na also-at our own request. So my question to you yafails is:how can a clan being monitored nonstop cheat? You claim for one Year that Twicc and NA cheat,lie and fabricate proof of some of your Members activity.. Can you explain that? Perhaps let Appleseed your spokesperson tell us the truth again? Oh i forgot he ceased to exist with many other accs...stop all bs talking and lies now thx if you want any kind of respect in kaw ever again.
  12. On a scale of 1 to 10, how butthurt are you? Imo it's between 9.9 and 10.

    Tons if yafi's botted and got banned, if NA members botted, they would have been banned as well.

    So just shut the hell up, youre wrong and you know it. Kthanksbai.
  13. They have posted names in the past
  14. Yafi is the biggest joke in kaw. Funny how they tried so hard to make us look and sound stupid. In the end the truth will and does reveal itself. So lets give it up for the Real Joke of Kaw, Yafi n runners they took in! Dont forget to thank balle and his other pathetic friends for merger. Hehe
  15. I do find it interesting that, even with this banning botters crusade, that I don't see a single person on the LB banned, or many other "high paying" accounts that I know of.

    So you will go through and ban cheaters, as long as they aren't high spenders? Come on, ATA. Don't be hypocrites. If you're going to make it a PR event, at least don't be so obvious about discriminating.
  16. Grasping at straws
    Where is your proof or is it all hot air?
  17. Proof of banned accounts?
  18. You want proof of a few banned accounts look at eb history at ya__judgment__fi (2 underscores on either side) go back 2 days ago to their HTE. Now start tapping the names. The ones banned will say "Invalid User"
  19. Just ask him to look for YAFAIL spokesperson
  20. I've wanted to say this to _AppleSeeDs_ for a while... Your constant

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    Drove me absolutely crazy, and now I will never have the chance....

    It's a sad day in KaW.
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