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  1. Before we start here's my basic rule of thumbs. "You win some you lose some grudges stuns growth and finally money doesn't talk it swears."

    starting out u have 1 guild and 1 building. And u need to generating some quick income. First thing to do hit quest and complete quest till u buy the next piece of land and 1 more building. Now here is where ppl differ in strategy.

    "what types of building do I buy?"
    there r currently 2 tier of building 1 spy building and 2 defensive towers.

    Tier 1 buildings have 3 level and they cost 25k then 200k for lvl 2 upgrade and 1.5 mil for lvl 3.

    Tier 2 building costs 1.75mil for construction 3 mil for level 2 and 5 mil for level 3.

    Spy building cost 25k to build 2.5mil for level 2 and 75mil for level 3. This is also the same price for towers.

    Str comparison fully upgraded tier 2 building is equal to 2 tier 1 building fully upgraded. But doesn't generate additional soliders.

    Shakes head getting attacked to be continued......
  2. Soo wat building do I build is based on ur style of playing here's some basics. No doubt because quest chances are low fighting is better gold gain. However following each attack u lose a number of soliders. When solider number drops soo do ur attack str and therefore reduces ur gold loot. At start I recommend hitting a few times per 5min only always make sure ur total solider units are higher than 80% of ur total str. That way u get maximum gold reward without wAiting 1 hour per attack.

    Since u start out weak hit diff ppl at full str per 5 min would yield less grudges and ensure maximum gold.

    And bank ur gold ( refer to p1) when inactive. When some one attacks u none stop then just quest and use up ur units and then bank via attack potion.

    Remember at zero unit ur opponent must wait 2 x 5 min of ur regen before they can hit u
  3. Another way to make money is stealing. Wait until you have a lvl 2 guild and a lvl 1 guild then steal from overall leaders with 150 spy def bonus. Don't steal below half your spy total or chances get cut to pieces. You should get 40-70k per steal. If you fail somehow,quest yourself out of soldiers and dump money into allies or items
  4. Errr I know that's ur way of playing but hitting close too 600k a hit.... 10 hit yield 6 mil
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