Raven strategy p1

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  1. Raven is a confirmed haypi player
    i hate haypi!!!
    But I love urban rivals.. I'm hotpepper on urban rivals
  2. Omg a legend!
  3. I've known Raven played Haypi since it's first week out...you shoulda asked! Lol
  4. How u know it's Raven and not a guy named Raven?
  5. Bump for historical reference
  6. OMFG ITS RAVEN I thought these posts were long gone
  7. Sooo many old friends on this thread :)
  8. Raven is on haypi!! Is it asiantony?
  9. lol none of this stuff applies anymore
  10. Omg who found this xD
  11. Bump for tha pair
  12. Bump for players with bird in their names.
  13. Best of. :)
  14. bump to get rid of hsh spam