Raven strategy p1

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  1. Strategi dead meat 
  2. Strategi dead meat 
  3. Lol. For Raven the best kingdom ever 
  4. Love that u took the time to do this great job i just doubt that many noobs will read it since most dont go come to forums for help, even though is the beat thing to do
  5. Best**
  6. Omg ravens back!!!
  7. Dear Raven, how can I attack a player with status 0 attack and defand? He spy me more than 100 times a day. He always too weak to attack. Please help me! Thanks!
  8. PokaiDavid. You cannot. That is the advantage of being a pure spy. His downfall is he makes horrible money and must make 25% more than everyone else bc he banks in pots. The reason he is too weak is bc 1. If he burns his spies to less than 22-20% he goes into a state of "too weak" 2. He has banked all his gold. When there is 0 gold you cannot attack. Hope this helps 
  9. Thanks ender47, that answer is help, thanks! That unfair.
  10. I think i found raven
  11. Where/who eddy?
  12. On a diferent game but i wont say till im sure
  13. Eddy you're right, it is Raven. Shoulda asked me, I've known him for a bit over there
  14. Yes bastion. He plays a certain game now. One I know about. :)
  15. I'm in Ravens alliance on that game
  16. Colonial I think I'll quit mine and join yours then. BoomBoom might not be happy, but what the heck I'm a noob there anyway. :)