Rate the persons furnishings above you.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Corpse, May 29, 2018.

  1. "PuT mOrE eFfOrT iN yOuR tHrEaDs"


    Rate The Persons Furnishings Above You
  2. 0.1/10 :lol:
  3. Super Juicy/Ultra Juicy
  4. 4.3 magnitude
  5. What's wrong with my furniture bruh? Took me ages to trade for that broom
  6. I don't like the color of your walls
  7. Well that's ok cos I think they look awesome
  8. Just sucks
  9. Too lazy to click on profile, you get a 3/8
  10. No furniture at all.
  11. Donโ€™t have to......furniture in a war game sucks
  12. 5/11.9

    I like the rock in your right room
  13. Gr8 m8 I r8 8/8
  14. 0/whatever bc of the manticore
  15. My furnishings suck. ๎“๎ƒ

    I really would like to improve them.
  16. 3/10 cuz left and right room look like a half empty circus tent
  17. 4/10, you need more furnishings. :p
  18. 2/9, you need less and they need to match