Rate the Name

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  1. As stated in the topic this the Rate the Name game. It's easy just rate the name above you, ex.

    Corinthian: Who am I rating?

    CoS-Dillybar: 10, very original.

    Kool-Aid: 9, I love dillybar's

    Cowlegend999: 9, I love Kool aid.

    Etc. etc.

    Ratings are as follows:

    10. Supremely Amazing Name

    9. Super amazing name

    8. Amazing name

    7. Great name

    6. Good name

    5. OK Name

    4. Could be better

    3. Bleh

    2. Awful

    1. Supremely Amazingly Horrifyingly bad

    Let the rating begin....
  2. 5 love the name  but a bird almost killled me
  3. I made this thread before. Got locked at 700 posts cause post count farming
  4. 7 Because raisins.
  5. 7 Because I'm indecisive and picked the middlish.
  6. 6, really big words
  7. 4, who are they, why so many, and why are they lost?
  8. 3.
  9. Post count farming is fun, even more fun than saving to become abcdefg complete or whatever the hell new acronym is...

    I give this thread a minus 109 for effort
  10. 1 very unoriginal and plain
  11. Funny creative name^ 10/10