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  1. Hey everyone, you all have most likely heard of this game before but I'd like to bring it back to the KaWmunity. If you don't know what this game is then read

    How To Play
    °Rate the last person to comments name 1-10
    °State why you rated it what you did

    Have fun
  2. Oh boy, another PCF thread..

    These are my favourite!
  3. 3...it's a Prime number
  4. 10

    Bad seed is very creative as a core
  5. 4? ...I don't know sounds kind of generic something you'ld see in any other midevil themed mmo
  6. -10

    dunno its somehow implying stupidity
  7. 4
    Seems satanic
  8. 1....to 10....

    ?¿? Hmm.
  9. 6

    Over five because yes, Sean was here but minus points because of the poor slepping/gremmer
  10. Anyone want to make a post count farming thread? Oh wait, Im already on one...
  11. 0 no creativity at all

    I'm about to get roasted
  12. 4

    The numbers bro
  13. 9
    has a dog house airplane
  14. 10 bc rudy is the best dinosaur in ice age dawn of the dinosaurs
  15. 7/10, you made me chuckle :).
  16. 9.5/10 bc blue name
  17. 1, because i'd never be able to type that correctly to hit you during blitz. Have a heart!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.