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  1. I’d encourage everyone to rate KaW in the AppStore and for their rating to be directly correlated to game performance an stability.

    Go on, click on that pop up window and rate KaW.

  3. Good way to get ATA’s attention
  4. Not only rate but rather leave a review as well on your horrible experience
  5. Wow, what a great way to destroy the game you all love. If you really want improvements you should encourage new players to try the game. An increase in active playerbase and revenue would go towards stability and improvements.
  6. So you want us to lie yogurt 
  7. Yogurt -

    Thx, but your argument is invalid.

    The platform must be stable prior to piling on a new influx of players. New players starting KaW under current server problems will immediately be disenfranchised with the game and delete it. Furthermore, encouraging people to sign up for a ride on the KaW train wreck in its current state would be an act void of integrity.

    Rating KaW honestly in AppStore is a better way to wake developer attention and priority.
  8. It's already one star and has been for a long long time now
  9. I gave it 5 stars and a glowing review in hopes that more people will play.
  10. It's at 4.3 in the playstore
  11. I think the point of this thread is to encourage everyone to rate the app honestly based on its track record. If you think honesty is not the best policy and that we’ll get improvements from ATA by duping new people into playing their game, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.
  12. Every developer should be ready to stand by their products and should not fear honest feedback or ratings.
  13. Currently 3.3 in Apple AppStore
  14. Lying to make the game look better for newcomers is like bowing down to trump to make America look good in the eyes of foreigners. No thanks.
  15. Rate the star rating you believe best corresponds with your experience but also put down a review. Don’t be cursing in it unless you are really that frustrated. More professionally written poor reviews makes a bigger impact than a bunch of grammatical errors and swearing.
  16. There are no newcomers. What person is bothering with a 7 year old basically text based chat room, where the more you spend the better your place in the room. It's pretty pathetic if you think about it.
  17. We wouldnt have ever ran across the game then. More like KaW isnt too worried about advertising with our money but rather sticking it down then pants and drinking beer