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  1. Op licks sticks
  2. Kaw freestyle king here. Where da raps at?
  3. I preferred when op was catfish as Emma :p y u no catfish no more
  4. Breh 1v1 me
  5. So... someone won a war or something and wrote a song, i mean, a rap about it?
  6. good job Wattz. Ren showed me a few days ago and I liked it then as well.

  7. #Wattz4rapperoftheyear

    Let's get that all over WC tomorrow
  8. Can u please quit KaW and do all of us a favour,kthnx
  9. Blah blah blah...nice story bro, tell it again....
  10. So much hate lmfao
  11. Post this on the cypher thread noob