Rap battle

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  1. This thread is intended for rap battles heres an example
    I love farming i make half of kaw my darling surfers yell and say narlly dude run up and slap your girl shes like im so rude got her send me food

    Who ever wins will get a seal at the end of the month!
  2. Re: Kaw cypher 2017!!!

    Isn't there already a 2017 one?!?? :geek:
  3. Give me the seal.
    No actually get me a record deal.
    My flow is unstoppable.
    Think you can beat me, fool that's impossible.
  4. Re: Kaw cypher 2017!!!

    Yes there is
  5. U get no seal but here ill make u a deal if u stay off this forum ill peel a banana peell off for your look man your flows are nothing u probably said u can farm me but i knew you were bluffing ill just keep stuffing my pants with xanax cuase im able to tackle any task that is at hand you cant keep up with me i make wau to much bands i remember when i was little i shot this person named dan my mom told me be anything u can
  6. I really hope that isn't all you got, the only thing that will do is make the crowd snore a lot.
    There is no way you can ever beat me in a battle, the best thing you can do is go cry to yo mama and play with yo rattle.
  7. I love how OP changed the name of Thread so
    now my comment looks stupid :moonface:

    This thread was originally called "KaW Cypher" btw for those wondering lmao
  8. You can change your comment
  9. I want a seal
    I eat seal

    Bars unreal
    Now u kneel
    Wrath, you feel
    Food, a meal
  10. I don't understand why op fails to use punctuation. It makes his rhymes seem like desperation.
  11. Clock, midnight
    Time, to fight
    Kill, on sight
    Outside, night
    Fly, a kite
    Feather, light
    Farm you, I might
    Warrior, knight

    Supremacy, white
  12. Want more? Door
    On the beach? shore
    Step on? The Floor
    Children in Africa? Poor
    Hurts in? The core

    Your mom? Whore
  13. My mom's a nice lady. Your rhymes making me feel a bit fadey
  14. Your mom? Real shady
    Your dad? A real lady
  15. Suck on? These
    Don't ask? No please
    Your car? No keys
    Your gold? I seize
    The wind? Nice breeze
    Condo? Pay fees
    Roast you? With ease

    Spend less time¿ on your knees
  16. This seal? All mine
    Tall trees? They're pine
    Step here? Cross a line
    With your sister? I dine
    My smile? Bright shine

    Your sister? Real fine
  17. Best rhymes? By far
    Nobody? On par
    New whip? Nice car
    Pirates? Yarghh

    Ugly? You are
  18. What I'm into? Feet
    What you take? A seat
    You're fat? Don't eat
    On your bed? A sheet
    This verse? Real neat
    Straight fire? Yeet
    What I need? A beat

    What you beat? Your meat
  19. Flanders? Ned
    Right now? Y'all dead
    To sharks? Y'all fed
    Where I sleep? Bed
    Listen to? What I said

    What I get? head
  20. I like how op was too rekt to reply :lol: