Random Drops Shouldn't be Completely Random

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by EquinoxElite, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. What about it being a drawing. The more you contributed, the higher the percentage of a drop in your favor versus someone with lower contribution. I'm not talking about successful actions but how much you actually contributed to finishing the eb (damage done)
  2. Radom is stupid, enchant resets worse
  3. I got both items nq drops in the same eb with 2000 actions. I think I got rewarded
  4. Go to a clan where everyone already has the equip u want. The chances r way higher.
  5. Not fair to be based on activity but its fair that someone can come into your clan do a half unload then go to sleep and get an item but the person who was active the whole time and stayed up late didn't get a drop.

    Nice logic there.
  6. If you want equipment so bad there's an 100% better option. It starts with E and ends with E. :p
  7. Sheriff. To EE you need crystals or nobility.. Not all of us can afford them and quests hardly ever give nobility.. My main account has 19,000-20,000 quests and has only ever got around 100nobility...
  8. Estocs edge
  9. You actually don't need anything to war. There is no rule that you must have any of those things.
  10. I've done ebs with items for about 5 months and there has been no drops. This is ridiculous what is up with this
  11. I think drops should remain completely random. Makes it better for clans who span all timezones and makes it equal for guys in a lesser active time zone who may be loyal to their clan to get those drops with their clan instead of having to item hunt. How about stop being jealous of those who got drops and keep trying. Perseverance is a good quality not only in a war game but in real life.
  12. Didn't you make this exact same thread a couple of days ago? I remember commenting on it.
  13. its a great system tbh, its a lottery, the more actions the more tickets u buy in the loteery. If it wasn't difficult it wouldnt be as big of a reward. If you really want some nice equip, war for it lol
  14. But, what if you cant afford crystals? Only those withcl crystals would get equipment. The strong get stronger an the weak would get weaker. No support.
  15. Top 5 gets drop, it's too easy to 'control' the drops. On the other hand, you have the equip and you finish top 5 in the same EB = Bars n Pots. Bad logic.

    Random is better, everybody gets a chance to have the equip even if... A guy that had about 40hits on TGL earns the bow when you've been on a b2b TGL tour w/ 400hits.

    Be active and earn your equips like everybody else!!
  16. Everyone knows to get the drop you have to chug a and spank a midget at the same time as the final strike lands ... On a Monday .. After 6pm every 3rd year while a very important RL event is happening to MAXIMIZE your KaW time ensuring you will miss pots ...
  17. *interruptions to your KAW time
  18. Too hitter rarely gets anything, no clue why but don't try to be #1;)
    I remember giskard, senate member of my clan didn't got anything in the first ACC we did, although he had 900 actions.
    I had ~450 and got armor, boots, inferno and aqua in one drop
  19. Thank you all for your feedback!