Rancor Wars Season 2 : Week 1 - War #6

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  1. Excuse the bad typing. Swipe keyboard is horrible. :(
  2. Ya I agree with shadowrose.... why is this/??
  3. Nice job devs, you said you will make sure everyone will have enough targets to hit. How is 2 targets for GH enough? Really? Good job i appreciate the hit ratio.
  4. yes i agree with shadowrose why is this?
  5. Poor roberto you got one ko only 1 mith check out redstar 12 mith zero action 
  6. Can we have an answer to ShadowRoses question please
  7. Dev's u going to reply to rose's post or u just going to ignore every one. This needs to be addressed.  SUPPORT ROSE 
  8. Agreed with shadow rose ..... Please devs check it out and solve it fast .....
  9. We at SOTRA deserve to have our rancor level increased just as every winning clan did following war 6. It's ludicrous that we're no longer going to be tied for 1st place following the daily update simply due to some clerical error in the system. Please level us up!
  10. Hi Dev. Pls address the prestige bug that shadowrose highlighted on war 6 missing prestige for SOTRA. Thank you.
  11. Yes devs please fix prestige changes and make the corrections retroactive!!

    La Resistance is 3-3 in wars and prestige is 994? Makes no sense at all. Similar issue goes for all other clans.

  12. Pardon my last post, I meant prestige, not rancor.  woops
  13. Hi Devs, I'm still waiting for a response to my question and issue regarding prestige.

    I've done a little checking and out of all the clans that were on 1005 prestige before war 6 and won war 6, my clan (SOTRA) is the only clan that has not received prestige for winning the war 6 war. There were two other war clans (ZAFT and Perkutut Army) who were on 1005 and warred clans with prestige between 990 and 997 who were BattleGrounds and Epic Elite (the same range our opponent OG Alliance was at before we warred them), and both ZAFT and PA were awarded their 1 prestige point for winning which boosted them to 1006 yet we are still on 1005 which we have been sitting on since winning war 5.

    As it appears that other clans got their prestige point, can I ask once again where SOTRAs prestige point is for winning war 6? Is there are glitch in the awarding system and if so can you please let me know and advise me when it will be fixed so I can report back to my clan mates.

    Thank you kindly, 
  14. In other words we are the only clan that is still on 1005 prestige points after winning all 6 wars in this season 2 of warring. All other clans who have won the same 6 wars are on 1006 prestige points - the leader board is now showing this also!! Please fix it Devs. Thanks.
  15. Need to put a cap on bfa, then matches would be better, period,.