Rancor Season ASW

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  1. I agree with the no match up frog I truly do, this isn't to make a new war season schematic I'm just saying every rancor season there should be a following event similar to asw for those that earned it through the season and it would give every player the ability to try to get in by their participation and rancor.
  2. Btw, if you haven't forgot, most ee clans that will meet this req of rancor will more than likely run an exploit build. Just ******* it up even more

  3. Monkey  you are entitled as I agree but honestly "All Star" events are made from a season of competition of players. That's what Rancor is, not the annual LB ranking.
  4. Why do you think the regular lb did not "earn the rights to participate"? Kinda condescending.

    Also the rancor season is skewered against those who war on Asian times. It's just harder for an Asian/European to get as many wars in as an American clan and hence fewer of us have 50 rancor. No support.
  5. What im saying, but not litterally typing is most people who "*-*Earn*-*" their rancor is because of a team, not an individual. Amd most will be SH finishing with the reqs.
  6. I agree but honestly clans exploit throughout the season just for equip. This thread is just trying to make it where all that participate have the chance to take part in an annual event.
  7. Never said lb didn't frog, I was in the asw but why... cause my rank? Why not let those that don't make the rank have a chance to do what we did? Let them have their chance in ee? It don't hurt anyone and let's them compete like we did?
  8. Yes you're right it's a team effort, but each individual counts on how they do in their wars on their own actions.
  9. Tbh, untill SH exploit gets a nerf "if it is even possible" med/big builds will have NOOOO desire to get crap pay and give good pay.
  10. Monkey been there done that and I agree 1000000% lol
  11. Devs fix that, i will support this. But dont expect it
  12. I found a way to prevent sh forever lol but I already know the reactions from the sh will be
  13. Oh yeahhhhh lol. I should propose it, but not in the mood to be trolled
  14. I'd only support if the exploits are plugged, otherwise it's only another way for ass hats to prosper from dev failure to fix wars
  15. Ty jethro :) glad im not only one.
  16. It be like any sport in rl..if u do well in the season, u make the playoffs and hope u win the whole thing.
  17. Does that also mean that rancor equipment would not be giving to people unless they win the "playoffs" if so support. American football you only get the ring if you win it all. But why give reward after reward for the same thing?
  18. No support that was the best thing about asw that many people who have ruined ee with exploits couldn't war
  19. Bump for more support