Rancor Season ASW

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  1. I'm gaining one level per win per war ... War 50 times to reach goal? **** no
  2. If we were gaining 5 for a win and losing 3 for a loss then yea
  3. TWS, I believe he means at the end of a Rancor War Season (4). The past Seasons have started at a low rancor per win, but increased as weeks went on.
  4. It seems like a good idea, but then it falls into rewarding only EE players and excluding EB faries and people who participate in true pvp such as osw and 1v1. The exclusion on this game is increasing so much and this idea sadly increases that exclusion. Many players want to participate but can not because of these exclusions. I do understand itsbrewarding the players eho do that style of play, but isnt rancor equipment and ee levels enough? Whats next EB faries asking for an event to see who can do hte the fastest?
  5. Thanks jac ... If that's what he meant then yes
  6. Yea buddy!
  7. This an idea or an actual event thats already approved?
  8. Jac to answer your question I mean the mechanics of only a select groutp of people being able to cast WoC or my new spell idea.
  9. The idea is fascinating!
    However I'm conflicted with the pros/cons.
    Inactivity will be nearly nonexistent since these are disciplined warriors. However given the exclusiveness of this event - participation will be low if this is for only RL 50 vets.

    I support this though Titan!
  10. Nvm disregard..I support, and would be excited to kick yalls ass in the tourney
  11. Here's my point, all stars in any event or sport earn Their way into a all star event by their performance. The current ASW is not that way it's simply by how far you are on the lb, hence irrelevant to a actual ASW. Don't get me wrong lb should have their own annual throw down amongst strengths like a kaw UFC match lol.

    I personally just see a true All Star event should come from the performance of players through the season. Again giving all that participate in ee another goal to reach and yet giving everyone the chance to earn their way, at least given the chance to participate in a annual event.
  12. No support, you can use mechanics. Don't call these ee addicts all-stars. Like making an EB championship lol.
  13. Actually I don't see the point if this. But if it is war, what the hell.
  14. Monkey   NOT!! Sorry bud but everyone deserves the chance to participate in events, btw not every ee warrior would get into the end of season event. It would be compiled by rancor met levels. As for your eb reference, lol holds baring here, must be another thread I guess.
  15. Personally I don't see how a tournament little with sh alts can be called a "true all star war".

    look at me! I'm under 4 mil combined stats! An all star! 
  16. Littered not little
  17. Some clans had smaller rancor in s3 because they had to endure no match after no match. How is this fair to them?
  18. Frog ️ end of season event would also be using the mechanics of such individual wars now and this prior asw to help eliminate stacking issues to an extent. This is just to put what is a real all star war where it should honestly be at the end of a season with earned rights to participate.
  19. Well, i'm intitled to my own opinion. That is how I see it, same mechanics would be cool. Just do not incorporate "All-stars" in the title.