Rancor 50 Question

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  1. I been having 50 for like 3 days lol devs should make an special equipment for those who get the most rancor just an Idea.
  2. Why am I not surprised the success stories are from the small builds 
  3. Can I join a clan for 1 ee so I can get at least 1 equip item? seriously. Please?
  4. minas i think im good by one day. If not ill jump in somewhere lol
  5. You're a stupid sh, and u reached rancor 50 by warring with stacked rosters, and exploiting the system. You get no reward for rancor 50, cause 90% of kaw hate u
  6. You couldn't war even if you wanted to sir-you have no bfa whatsoever or adt/sdt. I know I dropped build, but it's an option devs chose to leave as be. Please stop complaining.
  7. Lasmain -
    You got a problem with it? Because, I doubt you got 50 rancor in S2 with all fair builds and no roster stacking or GH at all. I think you are just butthurt that you couldn't or maybe didn't want to adapt your build to the new season, where 2m ADT is basically a requirement.

    It's the game, it has it's spike of popularity in builds that are needed to win. Why war with a build that's going to lose? There was literally no point for your comment, except for jealousy and/or butthurt, so please take it somewhere else.
  8. Check lasmain achievements. Razers level 50= s2 level 50. Guess again MM barcode
  9. Better then your rancor 2 in s2 @ MM barcode idk why you're hating on lasmain..
  10. I didn't war at all during S2 except the last week because of my own reason. Only thing I have against him is complaining about SH in S3 when he had 50 rancor in S2, which still had GH who were even more broken then SH, and I doubt that the clan he was warring in didn't roster stack or use GH, and I only know of a few clan to do that.
  11. @minas (top of pg 3)

    Players who have lvl 50 racor already get a special equipment and on top of that a special achievement too

    Did you not read forums or something lol
  12. I emailed them same question. They told me that the snapshots will be taken but possibly not the range day as the season end. Too be fair it should be some on the last war.
  13. my rancor 50 is good until the day after season ends. I hope i dont get screwed. Im going to take screen shots myself lol
  14. Lol i am the one with butthurt? Sure sounds like your butt hurts, MM xD and fyi, I reached rancor 50 without one single roster stacked.
    Reason why I'm complaining is that it is people like op that make it impossible for midbuilds to war. He is just exploiting the system like a lot of other people warring, leaving midbuilds totally in the cold, so he can have his boring roster stacking wars.
    I actually wanted to do s3, but there is no place for me on any rosters as a midbuild, so obviously I have to grow really big before putting up my towers..

    Basically, all I said was screw all those lousy sh's, making it impossible for everyone else to war. And yes, I was a gh, but at least I had the balls to actually expand my build when the gh 'nerf' came.Too bad s3 yturned out this way though, big applause to the devs xD
  15. Also, another thing. If you say that in order to war, you have to adapt your build, does that mean everyone should tear down builds and become sh to take advantage of this so-called exploit? If so, then shame on you. It is that opinion that has killed ee wars completely
  16. Like I've said before, each build has its advantages and disadvantages. SH's advantage is being successful in EE wars. I'm sorry that you don't like how others war but if you don't want to adapt to that so you can war then IMO you shouldn't worry about it.
  17. I didn't want to adapt, so I don't war...
    Agree, sh have their advantages - they're the exploit everyone is using. It's nothing tactical, no well thought out rosters, only exploiting, war after war after war. I for one sure as hell didn't wanna be a part, and therefore also a supporter, of this flawed crap warring system. But I'm glad you enjoy it and see no problem about it. Good for you
  18. The system is practically the exact same as it was during S2.. There is very little way to fix the system as people will always exploit it, hence the point of adapting. I'm not telling everyone to drop to a SH, but if you don't like SH plundering on you, then build ADT.. And if you don't want to adapt your build, why complain about the EE system? Nobody wants towers on their build, and nobody wants to be a SH, but we want to win, so we do what we do and we will do it well.
  19. The system is pretty much the same - rosters aren't. Stacking rosters has never been a bigger problem than right now.
    And yea dude, you are actually telling everyone to become sh. You don't strike me as completely retarded, so I truly believe that you actually do know that there is no place on any roster for a midbuild, no matter how much adt he has. Either you're a sh or a lb/big tank - or you don't war .
    Another thing I dislike about it is, that everyone that are exploiting the system are actually paying the devs to do nothing at all

  20. That's so untrue, the system is constantly changing.

    Back in S1 anybody could attack anybody on a roster. Back then the smallest players could ko a lb player through fails. Now this isnt possible, and thats why there is stacking.

    Remove the DTS/DTW in wars and bye-bye roster stacking.