Ran out of skittles

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  1. Out of skittles rosies goobye

    Dearly beloved kawers we are gathered here today to say goodbye to the one and only XxXTSH_RosielCrowSQ_TSHXxX.

    Things she wants to say upon her departure.
    To Roman Preatorian Legion- you are all amzing people who have huge hearts. I have mad respect for you! Please keep mercing alive! I love you all.
    To silent resurgence- you have been amazing to me as well as my family thank you.
    To lovely denial stay sexy
    To my dear kellcrow keep the crow sisters alive.
    To sweetmisty sorry a liar came between us.
    To everyone else I hold dear thank you! It's been a long run and filled with lots of memories.

    To the three stooges
    BloodDiamond, Rangerdeadpool aka gummybear,and Godfather-
    May you realize kaw is just a game. In which you should promptly get a life.
    Try not to mess it up this time. Though I would be surprised if you do.
    Remeber "A" Will always be watching.

    To pancakes- I wont return without waffles!

    To Dj- you stole my milkshakes and my allies!
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  3. 

    And you stole my achy breaky heart. 
  5. This is funny but sad rip..
  6. Deni and sexy shouldn't be in the same sentence.
  7. Bye, good luck in real life ^_^
  8. SkittIes are bad for your teeth
  9. U will be missed.
  10. R.I.P Rosie. You have been a major help to so many ppl and an amazing friend. KaW feels empty without you. You are dearly missed.
    P.S my waffle iron broke
  11. WAIT WHAT HAPPENED? you just retiring? I'll miss ya for sure even when we didn't talk
  12. Duh disrespekt doh how com you say you retire but no drop build... y u du dis
  13. rosie, I am so sorry. please forgive me and my mistakes.
  14. I truly am sorry I should have never done what I did or said what I said, or called you any names. your probably right with the stooges comment.
  15. Rosie you will be missed. Sr will never forget nor will we forgive those who brought you to this decision.
  16. Revenge shall be had love, to those who caused this your mine for hurting my family!
  18. So your saying i orchastrated the whole thing and you have to drag my real life into the middle of it? Its pretty sad that you cant back that up i have the real proof but unlike you i walked away. So heres what i will say leave me alone along with my clan. If not then it will show how truley factual of a bully you have become pickles/godfather/tony. Enough said...
    To everyone else i am temporarly back and i will not be taking this forum down. Happy Kawing loves!