rams vs redskins (20 xtal pot)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Moose2, Sep 19, 2015.

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  1. Rams 28 skins 7
    The skins have a good running game but there passing game sucks. I smell an interception or three
  2. 21-7 redskins
    Rams are still bad
  3. 24-21 rams
    In case they pull out a win
  4. 28-23
    Rams beat redskins

    After the rams beat a team as good as the seahawks i dont see redskins being a problem for them
  5. Rams: 28

    Although the reds are good Rams have shown some defense improvement and their QB isn't looking that hot right now.
  6. Rams:21
    If it is a close game it outta be this after all if the Rams are winning and they get a touchdown wouldn't the red obviously go for the extra points to get ahead?
  7. 35-Redskins

    Because I like to see the team everyone thinks will lose win
  8. Rams 23 Skins 14, rams are looking pretty solid this year and while both teams clearly have areas to improve on I think the lack of a good passing game will be the skins downfall
  9. 15-6 redskins
  10. Redskins 35-17

    This is just a random guess hoping the Reds will get lucky
  11. Rams 31-22

    I'm going with the side the computer is taking, and choosing a random score.
  12. 28-14 Rams on top

    Its all mental now, Rams beat a good team they believe they can win. And the Skins are not nearly good enough to shut them down. Rams will have a good game
  13. Rams win 27-10

    Skins stuck in neutral going nowhere fast.
  14. Rams 23 Skins 13. Rams were surprising last week. Skins.....they just aren't good.
  15. 27-24
    Both teams suck idk why moose chose these teams
  16. 13-10
    I'm just doing new numbers that I haven't done lol
  17. Rams 27 Skins 13

    Rams D is legit, Skins are all banged up and an overall bad team.
  18. Rams 27
    Redskins 24
  19. Rams over the skins 21-14

    Why because the rams have a good defense and offense that ended up beating the seahawks , and the redskins wont be able to keep up with them because of the quarter back situation
  20. Rams 28-27

    The rams will win in the last few minutes/seconds
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.