R U Ok?

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  1. Massive respect I’m not sure I’ve heard of this in the uk but will definitely start spreading it around
  2. Is everyone ok today ?
  3. It's hard to open up about having mental illness. Even with the progress that's been made its still a problem that people want to fear rather then understand. I am bipolar 1 with ptsd ,and depression. A double edge sword in a way. I wasn't diagnosed till I was 25 I went through my childhood not knowing why I had thoughts of harming myself or why I would randomly be on top of the world in instances. In most cases medications help. Unless in my case you have gone through the list and the side effects are worse then the lows and highs, Still I will go through that list to keep fighting after all "one breath at a time is all it takes to keep going" sorry for my ramblings guys if anyone would like to talk my pm always open
  4. Thank you for sharing RosielCrow. :)

    It's definitely not easy trying to understand why you feel the way you do, and if it's an illness, or simply a cause of circumstances leaving you feeling misrible.

    But its great to see people here reaching out and others responding in a helpful and empathetic way! Kudo's to you all!! :)
    Please keep it up! xx

    And since we're being so honest, i'll tell you all a lil secret I usually keep to myself.
    I myself suffered from tourettes thru my school years & into my early 20's :)
    Along wit anxiety & insomnia due to hyperactive brain :)

    I've been able to manage my tourettes, & I keep my anxiety in check mostly thru meditation :)
    It's different for each person, and some anxiety sufferers are crippled by it so much so, that going to work some days is impossible.

    But on your bad days, or even your worst days, you should always have someone to be able to talk too, even if its via an online game.
    And I'm more than happy to put my hand up and have a chat to any random Kawer here who's struggling or having a bad day! :)

    And I'd jus like to remind all out there that may be in that dark place, or cant seem to find the light,

    - Your current situation is not your final destination ;)

    The storm will pass, the skys will clear, things will get better. Trust me.
    You can never know the change a storm brings until you see the growth it produces :)

    Know you are loved.
    And as the Doctor says!
    "In 900 years of time and space, I've never met anyone who wasn't important" ;)
  5. thanks mad hatter
  6. Bumping for friend :)

    Hope you all are having a wonderful start to the week!

    Remember to take care of yourself and to reach out if you're in need ;)

    ♡ - Your Friendly Kawmmunity Mad Man
  7. Nope i'm not ok, there is only one person on KAW who, i feel i can reach out to.

    I've been depressed so went offline for a couple of weeks to get my head together, i come back to find he's quit the game without even saying goodbye.

    Hurt doesn't even come close to how i feel right now.
  8. Here if you need to talk JustMe :)
  9. Hi all! :)

    Just a shout out to all those struggling this holiday season without friends or family.
    What ever your situation,
    remember to reach out please.
    People do care & you are valued :)

    My door is always open to anyone that could use a chat or a distraction from their own thoughts.

    And remember; your current situation is not your final destination :)

    Luvs to all those out there in the Kawmmunity that are finding it hard see the light at the end.

    We'll find you. somehow, somewhere, we'll get to you. Just dont give up xx
  10. Bit of simular situation as another on here. I wasn't diagnosed until 2009 after a failed suicide attempt.family member found me in a coma 3 days after I attempted. I went through several diagoses until I found a counselor I could open up to. My actual diagnoses is schizoaffective disorder bipolar type, ptsd, borderline personality disorder, social anxiety, and adhd.

    Schizoaffective bipolar type means bipolar with episodes of schizophrenia. Meaning I hallucinate while struggling with bipolar depression. Unfortunately I am treatment resistant meaning no current fda approved treatment has any effect on me. I am suicidal most days and no being suicidal doesn't mean you need to be hospitalized everytime.

    Adding borderline personality disorder in with that mess is a double wammy. Don't search Wikipedia as it is wrong. Use utube and search "the causes of borderline personality disorder" by medcircle. There are actually 4 subclasses and more being added. I'm classified as discouraged. This diagnoses is horribly demonized due to the fact 1 of the subclasses is volatile and constantly yo-yoing people.

    Ptsd i have is from stacked trauma I've experienced one right after another in my life not wAR time. Most don't know post traumatic stress disorder is inability to adjust,cope, and work through a traumatizing experience. There is also ptsd, formerly known as shell shock, from war.

    The social anxiety is from ptsd and hallucinations. I won't go into more detail on this at this time.

    Unfortunately I've lost all but 2 friends through the years and I have not been able to make irl friends for 3 years. All my family turned their back on me except my mom (she's the only one to bother trying to understand my disorders and what to expect) the rest did what unfortunately is common response and told me to man up and when I couldn't do what they wanted I was ostracized.

    Maybe later I will tell more when I feel up to sharing more.
  11. Sadly life gives some all and some nothing. Luck i guess.
  12. the truth is happiness is in your own head, how you percieve ****, believe it is
  13. Tbh i don't believe that anything that happens in life is down to luck, accidents happen, if it happens to you, you might think yourself unlucky but that way of thinking will destroy you.

    Take for example a person has their car stolen on Friday the 13th, if they are superstitious thay would blame this on luck, or unluck, and they will be constantly expecting bad luck on that day, never seeing joy in anything.
    But if they had had their car stolen on Thursday 9th or Saturday 14th they would probably just say 'hey, accidents happen'

    Luck is a concept that people use to explain things which happen when there is no other satisfactory reason

    If you get run over by a car after seeing a black cat, It isn't luck it's an idiot driving or you not looking as u cross.

    Lol i don't know if this even makes sense to anybody, but it does to me
  14. This is the b.s. spouted out that contributes to the stigma of mental health. You think people want to feel the way I do day in and day out? And it doesn't just effect moods, it has physical effects too.

    Would you say to someone who has seizures " it's how you percieve it is why you have seizures?" No you wouldn't because they didn't ask for it nor can they control them without medication.

    Maybe you should do research before you spout out this nonsense. I was born with 2 of these disorders and I sure didn't ask for them.
  15. A far too simplistic view. That might work if you’re having a bad day and trying to look at the bright side. But it isn’t necessarily that simple when it comes to mental health problems.

    It’s time to start viewing mental health disorders as you would any other physical problem. I like the metaphor where if you have a problem with your eyes, you get a pair of glasses. Counselling or therapy or antidepressants (just some examples) are like glasses for your brain. The brain is an organ that requires treatment as any other organ would. Why is a physical ailment one that requires treatment but a mental health problem one people should “just get over”? I wish it worked like that but reality is, it doesn’t.

    Thank you again, to everyone who has shared your story.
  16. The one that annoys me is
    'It's a nice world, see some happiness in it'
    Last time somebody told me that i replied
    'Yep, go and tell an asthmatic having an attack just to breathe, there's loads of oxygen around'
  17. No I’m not okay . I’m 21 and most the time if I don’t feel like there isn’t enough time in my life to accomplish anything worthwhile then I simply don’t feel useful. Most of the time I’m fine but I experience these waves of nothing that’s near crippling, I lose interest in what few hobbies I have and shut people out completely. When I’m normal or as close to it as I can be I’m overly anxious and prone to overthinking which leads to me trying to avoid situations altogether,it can range from something as simple as going to the grocery store or worse just leaving my room to start my day. Most of the time I force the interaction and I’m left with a self conscious demon whispering low self esteem melody’s into my ear. I have friends but when I’m not ignoring them altogether I’m a total jerk and I don’t know if I’m pushing them away or if I’m actually just unbearable to be around. I mistrust nearly everyone so there are few new social interactions and if there are any I always manage to ruin them with my grimy miserable expression and lack of attention to fashion or style of any particular sort. I’m boring and alone and I have been for 4 years. I’ve dated true enough but so far all I’ve done was treat people well for as long as they interested me then destroyed them emotionally when I leave out of boredom under the excuse that I don’t know my emotions. I feel like a bad person most of the time and I’ve never wanted to be apart of this life really. It has been years since I attempted to harm myself or remove myself from the equation but the thoughts float by every now and again and I just really really needed to vent. I met this girl some time ago and I don’t want to hurt her, she intrigues me but I’ve been out of practice far too long . I feel old....................that was........9 That’s part of me. Do with it as you please