R U Ok?

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  1. Love this post!! Without getting into details, know that kind words, encouragement, love and understanding could be what keeps someone from giving up. Going over the edge. You could be the catalyst for them to get help, feel connected, give them hope. You could be the reason they find the courage to try to live.

    That beauty with the megawatt smile and bubbly personality, that quiet, sweet girl that rarely speaks, that guy everyone picks on. They come in all sizes and shapes, races, demographics. Does it matter? No. What matters is... you could be the one to save a life.
  2. Reading through these messages has effected me greatly. Your pain and suffering I feel in your words. I see images from your words. It brings forth my own pain and the denial and acceptance stages. The guilt and the regret. You are all wonderful, amazing people.

    But for the grace of God go I.

    Be the light for someone. The strength, the courage, the love and the compassion.
  3. Wish the devs encouraged more good acts like this.
  4. ️
  5. Thank you for this post and thank you for bumping it back up.
    Mental health is often overlooked.
    Thank you.
  6. Big supporter of this :)

    I'm glad to see so many others behind it too!

    If you are feeling low, reach out m'kay :)
    And just remember, your current situation is not your final destination ;)

  7. Love this post.
  8. Such a lovely and positive message!

    I really like this. Reminds me of something I’ve tried to remind myself in the past: “Don’t make a permanent decision on a temporary feeling/situation”.
  9. I know that everyone has their ups and downs. Sometimes the downs seem to last longer than the ups. At least that’s how it feels for me.

    My wife and I lost our first born. Giovanni was still born at 9mos. They told us it was cord wrap, they really didn’t know, it was a blanket excuse. I was a happy go lucky guy before this happened. Nothing bothered me, just rolled off just about anything. I felt something change in my personality. I believe in god but we haven’t seen eye to eye after that. I have a hard time believing that a loving god would take that away from us.

    We decided that we wouldn’t let this keep us down. As soon as my wife was healed we started trying again, two miscarriages later we had our daughter. Then another miscarriage and a son , daughter,and another son.
    During all this we also lost two businesses and been struggled with making ends meet.

    I keep moving on. We raise our children with one thing in mind.....us against the world. Nothing else matters but family. I think that when some of you start raising families of your own you will realize this.

    My wife is asked by the hospital to come to talk to couples that experience the same thing that we have. She always leaves them with the confidence that life doesn’t stop there. You have to jump back on and keep going. I know it effects your heart....trust me I know. We are a busy bunch here and very successful at being busy.

    Downs don’t last longer than the ups. It just feels that way. I use this game to blow off steam for sure. it helps. There are more ppl with the same experience as you than you think. Reaching out is the hard part but doable. Feel free to do so. I don’t bite.
  10. Thanks for sharing your story Domo. I’m sorry to hear what you and your wife have been through. I am glad that you were able to create what I’m sure is a loving family!

    It is nice to hear everyone’s stories as it shows no one is alone. It’s just as important to ask how people are doing as it is to be open about things are for yourself. You often find support in the places you least expect.
  11. we may not see eye to eye Domo but credit where credit due
    Great positive post amongst some negative experiences that you and your Mrs have been thru
  12. Are you All ok today?
  13. Hello Dave! I just checked my blood pressure meter and guess what happened!

    The readings are
    98/58. Pulse 86!
    I feel suddenly overjoyed! How energizing it feels to fall down back to low blood pressure once more!

    I may sometimes still struggle with overcoming my mental habit of being half-present (which has been there since 4 months ago), but rest assured! My heart is being nicely and peacefully!

    In summary, awareness and being present-wise I am still
    low on that, but other than that I'm A OK! :D

  14. That is great news. I can not remember the last time I had a check up or visited a DR. I am glad you're ok.

    I Hope everyone else is ok today.
  15. Rebumping this thread because even if there's nobody to talk to there is always these posts to read

    Word of advice, if you tell a lonely person that you are there for them, at the very least send them a message sometimes, don't wait for them to chase you. Sometimes a person can struggle to reach out and might just wait for days for a pm
  16. I'm not Ok....I've been through a lot in 28 years...lost everything....been homeless.....but this, nothing can compare....so no, I'm not ok
  17. Followed :)

    Been there bud. I know how hard that is and what it does to your head.

    I'm around if you would like to chat bud :)
  18. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough time Golden. It takes a lot of courage to admit you’re not okay and I hope you can get the help/support that you need.

    My PM is always open if you, or anyone, ever needs a chat!