R U Ok?

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  1. Bumping the thread as R U Ok? Day is this Thursday 13th of September!

    It might seem like a simple question but you never know the difference it can make.

    Today is also World Suicide Prevention Day.

    Pick up the phone or knock on the door - it doesn’t matter what your method of conversation is. Finding the time to raise some awareness and checking in with your friends/family is what counts :)
  2. Woow a very powerful and meaningful message in this post.

    So many peoples go through life with depression. It's refreshing to see that people show they care.

    If anyone ever needs someone to speak to they should.

    I know kaw is a Game and despite what happens in Kaw I am very much aware that on the other side of the screen is a real person and for that reason I try to be friendly to all including an enermy of a game.
  3. Ruggy for VK
    great thread
  4. Hello everyone!

    Are you all feeling allright and happy today? I hope you all do as of
    10 September 2018!
  5. Support Ruggy for VK,not only Ruggy helping members of Kaw with this post but also people worldwide with the members of Kaw helping in the RW, so much respect after reading all the posts.
  6. 100% support for this thread.

    You are not alone. in-game if anyone reading this is feeling down. Click on my name, click follow. Simple as that. I Am always there of anyone needs to speak
    Regardless of any history we may have in kaw.

    a problem shared is a problem halved. Talking about a problem with someone else usually makes it seem less daunting or troubling. 
  7. Thanks everyone for your kind and positive responses! It’s really nice to see.

    Checking in can make a world of difference to an individual. It certainly has to me in the last few years.

    Sometimes it’s not about making a world wide difference (which is obviously important) but making a difference in your own circles. If everyone does that, it’ll spark world wide change on its own.
  8. Great to see a positive force for good online in this world of brokenness and callousness. I echo what the others are saying ... if you ever need to chat or someone to simply listen, my pm is always open.

  9. Today is R u ok? Day! Start a conversation and change a life. Think about the people you haven’t spoken to in a while, or even the people you speak to every day, and see how they’re doing 
  10. I'll share on this thread here, not only to just contribute to this thread but also to share my personal condition right now.

    My life has taken a drastic turn south at 5th January 2018, when I suffered a horrible break-up with someone who is also an extended family member of mine. She also plays Kaw, but I won't name her to for anonymity reasons.

    At that point, I felt as if my life has completely changed as well as my identity and who I was. I took a 6-month hiatus from this game just because she played that game as well, taking a lot of time off away from Kaw to stop reminding myself of the memory of seeing her every time I get into this game again.

    But now I am back in 15th July 2018, and I still feel completely different from who I was back then in my 2013-2017 times, when I was in my prime. Although things were going relatively well in my life, I feel like I only had
    one-third of my one-full mental capacity of energy I once have. Following the breakup, mental fatigue began to set in to me and it became almost chronic on a daily basis.

    But that's not the reason why I wanted to ruminate about the past. The reason is that I share my struggles, as much as everyone do has one. Up to today, I know I hadn't pieced all my life together and even being happy alone to do the daily tasks that I want seemed more difficult than usual. My lifestyle is super healthy, I took a great diet but my social degree of interaction is terribly low. In the sense that with the breakup, I no longer have any close friend who, in my opinion as a close friend that I can talk with together at least 1 message every 7 days and know them for at least 3 months to a year.

    I'm not going to glue back the pieces of my past identity to the present though. I'm still working on finding new pieces to fit my own jigsaw puzzle of life. At the meantime, I can still work hard on recreating my own habit of posting great messages to over 100 unique players in Kaw a day. I'll continue to give, and give even though I may not receive it back!

    Because there is
    hope! In summary, my social needs are unfulfilled and I am in trouble in that area of health, but I won't stop until I recreate my own liberative rainbow of energy again! :D

    In summary:
    very much okay, including consistent sleep!
    Motivation-wise, low.
    Social-wise, Very low.

    You definitely need to have a great social degree of interaction, to have tons of close friends with you if you desire to hit 100 years old before your passing. And that's what I'm after today!
  11. Thanks for sharing your story Sean! I’m sorry to hear you’re no longer close with someone who was once an important part of your life. But it seems you have a good outlook on what you need to get done to make things more positive for yourself! I hope you’ll be able to keep working on your social interactions and finding some closer friends you can go to for support :)
  12. Are you accepting friendship applications, Sean? I’d like to apply.
  13. Very rare I post twice on the same post.

    But thank you for sending me a wall post to ask how I am.

    We have lost some good friends in kaw and my wife and I lost a child last year.

    From then my wife has not been herself struggling with understanding why it happened. Myself I put it down to life, maybe a little harsh way of thinking but to support my family through the hard time kept me strong in plain sight. But even today when I think about What happened it I shed a tear.

    I never ever spoke to anyone till now, not friends or family. It destroyed my family and my wife.

    I did have people asking me if I am ok but you know what? I Was not, I am not. Yet rather than thinking about it and deal with my emotions I blocked them out..

    Thank you for this post it has helped me...

    Please do not message me about it, please do not quote me. Just be there for someone that is also struggling.

    I remember a interview from Maralyn Manson. He was asked what would he say to those affected by 9/11. His answer was Nothing "I will just listen"

    Guess that sums this thread up. We all need someone to listen.
  14. We are already friends technically. See the chat button on my profile? Use it away, MissMelon!
  15. Every day should be suicide prevention day.

    Thankyou everybody who has shared their experiences on this thread, depression and suicidal feelings make a person feel very alone and seeing this makes me realise that i'm not alone with these feelings.

    I was driving home for Christmas from University last year when our car hit black ice and overturned, my bf escaped with a few cuts whilst i suffered spinal injuries which means i am now a paraplegic, guilt and blame caused us to split up.
    So now i'm back living back in my old bedroom in my parents house, most days are very dark, every plan i made for the future has now changed.
    I do try to talk about how i feel but usually people just seem to assume that i should be grateful to be alive.
  16. Thank you everyone, for sharing your stories. Even if the future is not how you imagined, it’s still worth fighting for.

    I know how it feels to feel alone and struggling with mental health issues. I hope that you’ll all be able form new connections with people and find something to keep you going every day.
  17. Oh no! That's just awful.
    By the way, could you tell me what the term paraplegic is about?
  18. paralysis of the legs and lower body, typically caused by spinal injury or disease.
  19. Yep, what Dave said, mine is paralysis from the bottom of ribcage, so even balancing and sitting up is hard work