Quizz. What type of forumer are u?

Discussion in 'Activities' started by One-BaDaSs_PaiN-In_Ur-AsS_LiLi, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. I seem to be an aberration. I get in forum wars often, visit forums often, make threads semi regularly, and they're usually well received...

    What am I, oh mighty Lili?
  2. I'm the kinda forumer to shoot up an ice cream shop kek
  3. Gonna ice those fools?

    Lines about waxing chumps like candles come to mind.
  4. A. And I will point out the reason. I am starting to enjoy your recent change in forum posts. Was this a New Years resolution by chance? Anyway, keep em coming.
  5. Lol there should be a category for forum vet.. but this quizz doesn't have it. Lol i see u as roaster. I bet that's how u started.
  6. I got d for troll lol. I never troll just never make forums which d was the answer for a few of themโ€ฆ
  7. Zeth and I go way back. He was a total nub nub. Now he's pretty great.
  8. 3(A)s 3(C)s

    Im sooo Confused with my Identity now!
  9. U are a hybrid, bruh
  10. 1-D I don't know how to make threads
    2-A With the occasional dumb comment
    4-D through A
    5-See answer to first question
    6-C I like bananas
  11. Mostly a, but others might disagree
  12. Aw.
  13. 1:A
    2:B and C
    4:None of the above, 1.5-2years (since I started kaw which was in June 2014 I think so 1.5)

    I disagree with your grading scale. I'm all of those things.
  14. Idk, bruh.. u are mostly A. I think the shoe fits..
  15. You think I don't start arguments? ๎’
  16. Lolol.. don't start bruh ๎’
  17. I got mostly A, guess I'm just your average forumer even though my post count is disgustingly high q.q