Quizz. What type of forumer are u?

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  1. Take a Quizz to Find out What Type of Forumer U Are

    I found that quizz on interwebs and fixed it up a bit. I think it's pretty accurate. Lol

    1.How often do u make threads?
    a. Every once in a while.
    b. I'll be active one day (or more) then not.
    c. Forums have a lot of words and thoughts in them, man..
    d. Not a lot because I have to make sure I have all the details fixed before I post a thread.

    2.How would u act in a forum war?
    a. Get popcorn.
    b. I'd be the one starting it.
    c. I have awesome come backs! Get ready for thick burn!
    d. I'd tell mods the thread is derailed.

    3. How much attention do ur thread/comments get?
    a. sometimes a lot, sometimes none.
    b. Much attention.. mostly negative though :-/
    c. everyone X-D
    d. What am i doing wrong?..

    4. How long have u forumed on ur current account?
    a. 2-3 years
    b. It's not an indication of my foruming ability.
    c. I just made it... for reasons..
    d. from a month to a year.

    5. What are ur threads about?
    a.Pretty much anything.
    b. My god damn opinion people usually yell at me for.
    c. Ur mom
    d. Important discussions critical for community.

    6. Now let fate decide
    a. fATE
    c. Banana
    d. FATE



    Mostly A's You are an average forumer. The guy who goes on forum, posts what he needs and has a good sense of humour. U don't start conflicts or arguments. But u don't mind watching one from a safe distance.

    Mostly B's You are a roaster. U love arguing and can't comment on a thread without irritating somebody.

    Mostly C's U are a troll, bby. U purposely cause disruptions and arguments for ur own amusement.

    Mostly D's A wannabe veteran. They try to gain popularity by copying already made threads. Like "who is ur favourite forumer" or "let's play a word game".

    Now don't be shy and post ur quizz results :p
  2. I'm the forumer who barely comes on KaW and hasn't posted in months, but that isn't an option.
  3. ... I got 2 d, 2 a, and 2 b.

  4. Lmao combine the answers then

    Edit: I'd go with a roaster
  5. An average roasting troll.

  6. A gay one
  7. Well I just lurk,and sometimes reply if I know I right
  8. Someone with a decent understanding of the English language, who possess enough common sense to not be a complete moron.
  9. I don't get how mostly c is a wannabe vet... the c answers point more towards a stoner.
  10. Sorry what ? I not understand
  11. I think the person believes I have a decent understanding of the English language.

    I did teach high school english for a couple of years trying to find my calling. Maybe some of it rubbed off on me. XD

  12. Make more comics
  13. Lol shuddup
  14. I'm no on the list senorita Lili, I don't want to go back to lurking pimd forums
  15. True.. can't fit u in one of those
  16. 2 A's and 2 B's. The B is accurate. Parts of A could be fitting depending on what mood I'm in I suppose.
  17. All e's. Explain that one to me op.
  18. I'll explain, you are an idiot.
  19. These threads are really looking familiar.
  20. No support.