Quests  Just how pointless are they?

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  1. To be completely honest, I can’t think of a use for quests within the game other than early game health crystals.

    Currently i believe they are useless and don’t have a shred of use but why is this? They could give out special rewards for completing time based quests, we could even have a daily quest much like the daily EB reward we have for events but instead we have pointless story lines that give you next to no gold or anything for that matter.

    You could argue that the current event system makes any new input to questing irrelevant as we already have side legends that give chests and aqua but if the Devs are going to neglect such a part of the game they may as well not have them and remove quests like they did with the reset function...

    If anyone has any idea on what quests could do/have as rewards I’d be interested to hear them
  2. Nobs
    Some of us are too poor to buy them
  3. Raising the nob an xtal rate on them would be nice
  4. Still worth it for the happy villager effect on pvp?
  5. I'd support making quests drop aqua/inferno instead of gold lol. Not much use anymore except for quickly zeroing troops without an eb or for nob farming. Even getting xtals your first run through of them is almost obsolete imo, we get so many weekly now.
  6. I really want to know what you mean by this
  7. They are a constant reminder on how incompetent the devs are
  8. I’m not going to lie, I forgot they give xstals when making alts anymore. I have tons of xstals on my newer ones without even doing quests yet.
  9. *wandering villager?
  10. ^Nothin' wrong with a happy villager
  11. I mean, gold would be good if it were an actual amount that meant anything in the modern game. Any brand new account by the time they even get to the largest gold reward possible through quests it's all useless next to what they will be making off any other aspect of the game at that point.

    -Add Aqua/Inferno
    -Add some 0s to all gold actions and rewards
    -Make Spy Quests
    -Make random nob drop range from 1-10

    That AND

    Make quests resetable, increase rewards for each reset and add achievements for resets on quests along with small % bonus.

    Quests Lvl 1 5 resets 1%
    Quests Lvl 2 10 resets 2%
    Quests Lvl 3 25 resets 3%
    Quests Lvl 4 50 resets 5%
    Quests Lvl 5 100 resets 10%

    To once again reiterate, quests here will become MORE difficult which each reset. And only actual building CS should count towards this. No ally CS or Equipment CS bonus (to include charms, rewards and furniture). This will make getting harder quests levels done not abusable through charm stackers and etc.
  13. Agree, good idea
  14. Who does quests anyways?
  15. That's the point, make them purposeful again.
  16. I don’t think you got the joke there
  17. I believe that once quests are complete and your villagers are happy the occasional wa seeing villager will catch a spy. Which makes quest complete players harder to steal from (fractionally) than a non quest complete player. But this is really old law lore so may no longer be true
  18. You vultures always want something when you already have enough
  19. I wouldn't recommend Gillette for that soft skin of yours.
  20. My idea is similar.

    1st time through quests as current.
    2nd time through 2x gold, drops and difficulty
    3rd time through 3x
    Nth time through nthx