QUESTIONS to DeVs about Event

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Erick, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Developers after we have enough Fullmoon dew to receive the platebody as a reward at the end of this event, will we get a new helm drop and be able to upgrade it? Because currently I've collected around 10-12K Fullmoon due, so will I receive a new helm drop once the current one is enchanted up to the platebody level? Or will all the fullmoon after the platebody just be a waste?
  2. Devs ? Or does anyone else know the answer to this question
  3. Also I would assume it would be useless but I wouldn't know
  4. I'd be fairly curious to find out what happens as well! They dev's probably won't reply here OP so your best option is to email: and enquire.

    Once you know, I would love to know as well!

    Goodluck :-D