Questions from a Newb

Discussion in 'Wars' started by SurbS, Sep 28, 2018.

  1. Hey everyone! So I just started a new account here after not having played for years and was wondering if could get some information regarding PvP, specifically LL wars and clan wars.

    1) Are clan wars (both OSW and system) still popular? If I wanted to in the future could I have a chance at joining a war clan?

    2) For the LL wars, is there a certain amount of stats you should have before you jump in, or does anything work because it is LL only (I think)?

    3) Any references to guides or build guides for wars would also be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you all for your time and words, excited to be back in KaW!

  2. I also just came back from a 3 year break. I’ve returned and now I have no idea what’s going on. So you’re not the only one lost lol
  3. Lol good to hear Haha. Thanks for that.
  4. 1. System wars are dead. There is nothing to gain from them as they differ completly from indi/ll wars. Osw is still a relevant thing and will always be relevant.

    2. Stat wise for ll wars.. All depends on the clan and the build required to war at said ll clan.

    3. Want build advice for indi... Charms. Lots and lots of them. Otherwise cast ps or be suoer active. No advice can be given on a build as charms run rampid though the gaMe.

    Want to relevant.. Acquire over 1k in decent charms then you can consider yourself war ready.. Other wise.. Your just food for opposition to eat.
  5. Buildings and Lands

    Click this link above, it will redirect you to the Buildings and Lands thread made by Choccy, SurbS. It's not solely a guide for war but I hope this one helps!!