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  1. Most accurate description i have ever seen
  2. Or maybe you.didn't send a proper mail.
    Give a subject,nameof the game,your in-game name,and a detailed description of your issue and wait for a reply

  3. Lmao!!!! as a member of the wc roullette clan, I can totally relate the point 2. :lol:.
  4. :I I'm a noob and know these answers.(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. I remember when we had mods that wouldn't let a pointless thread like this fester for days like a gangrenous limb..
  6. Brains brains brains, you got one use it.
  7. Mmmmmmm brains
  8. #lock4notcontactingsupport

    Just sayin
  9. Support 100%
  10. Indeed lol
  11. Op I hope you're joking.
  12. The best thing about this is he's a previous ASW champion however has no clue about EE.
  13. You don't need experience to be successful in war just do as people say. You'd know that better than most