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  1. I downloaded this game a couple of months ago and was told all I could do was hit the epic battles. It wasn't really that fun. That and I was told not to hit other players and that I was to small for any battles or wars.

    I was searching the app store today and saw a new app for the game that said strategy reborn. It doesn't look like it changed much but it sounds interesting. What is the reborn strategy? How do I get to that part?

    Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Hit who ever you want, its a war game. They were probably trying to keep you from getting gang banged by hitting into the wrong group lol

    As far as the new title, only speculation as to what it means at this time.
  3. Searching today? Painfully obvious troll or just not smart?
  4. So they named it Reborn Strategy without giving birth to any strategy.

    Are their clans that will let me join if I only want to hit other players?
  5. How am I not smart? From searching for a game on the app store?
  6. The strategy reborn version is the only one that works right you had to have already had it.
  7. Let me clarify.

    I played for a week a few months ago and quit. I quit because hitting the epic battles over and over again was boring. So I deleted the app.

    As I was searching the app store for a new game, I saw Kingdoms at War: Strategy Reborn. I thought it was a revised game or that it had new features. So I downloaded it again.

    I came here to ask what the new features were. That, or to see if it was still the same. Which is hitting a repeat attack button over and over again? Every clan I joined said not to hit other players and I forgot the reason they said it was against the rules.
  8. Oh, in that case, the new app exists only for legal reasons, no new features really. My bad.
  9. I'm using kingdoms at war hardcore RTS, I'm assuming this one is the old one? I've had no problems w/ it on ipar
  10. You shouldn't be able too, the developers locked that version out so it can no longer be used. Weird.
  11. How does kaw rank ppl,in my clan i am worth more and troops are betterthan the one above me yet he is better than me how?
  12. Bfa (and bfe?) is part of it I believe
  13. Just wanted to say "Ha!" To everyone who said I can't grow from PvP. In one day I grew to this size because of the pvp event!

    Only epic battles I hit are those being unlocked!

    I still don't know why people choose to do ebs over battle list. This is the only war game I know where people are scared to war though.

    Edit: This is directed more at Titan_God then anyone.
  14. Once people hit back you don't make more. Altho costs for pots are diluted now but you have to factor in lost revenue from losing troops when attacked, lost money when attacked, pot prices, and threat of allies being stripped.

    That's not to say EBs are better, they just definitely make you earn more faster
  15. Absolutely nothing is different in the new app. As far as I understand they just had to make it due to Apple reasons.

    Basically so anyone under iOS 9 or something can't play it and be forced to purchase a newer iDevice. Apple is notorious for doing that.
  16. Edit: screwed the quote up. You shouldn't be able too, the developers locked that version out so it can no longer be used. Weird.[/quote]
    So once you get the new app the old one will stop working. If you don't dl it you can stay on the old for a time. (Source: an alt on old app this morning) idk when that changes tho.

    Troll or not, get into a good clan. (Disclaimer I didn't look at your profile) you can war as soon as you'd like. Pvp weekends are a good way of getting into Pvp with low risk of long term consequences.
    And ebs are a means to an end, not the core gameplay. That's generally finding ppl you want to fight for, then fighting for them.
  17. I hit battle list so that they hit back. I don't care about growing, just saying it can happen.
  18. Thanks for the directing. I never said pvp was not a way to grow, I personally after dealing with new players find it easier for them to grow with pve rather than pvp from their experiences and from assistance I've given to others. Growth can be done either way, I just for new players advise pve till they can meet a threshold for acquiring pots and having a decent growth spurt.

    When I first spoke with you I thought you were a new player, not one that has returned after sometime. Returning players should know whether to pve or pvp for growth at their own knowledge whether new things as events have come or not.

    I do pvp and I do war, as for warring is the main reason I still play. ?️
  19. When I first played it was latterly only 3 days.