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  1. Do you think roleplay is allowed in the fanfiction section? I'm such a dork. :3
  2. No. Off-topic.
  3. *sharpens his double edged blade* if rp starts imma slice my heart out lol
  4. I wasn't gonna start any! And since my question is answered, please let this die.
  5. I thunk it could be. It might be a matter of opinion.
  6. @Bast
    It could actually... It's like a player's dream. It could
    Go there. Just like shiters club...

  7. He made it for more posts. Simple. And it really belongs in off-topic, this was made for stories.
  8. Fan fiction should be fine for RP though... Kinda fits in better than anywhere else?
  9. I think we can argue that a rp is a story that people collaborate on.
  10. Irin hit the dot. I was waiting a response like that. Hey! Do think, "Yeah right you lair," but I was bored.

  11. Hmmmmmmm..........