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  1. Better more than less. ^_^
  2. I think I'll use the nobility tokens to open Royal chest
  3. I've gotten two nobility tokens and one crystal so far
  4. Neat. I didn't even know xtals dropped fron quests.
  5. What normal person does 80k quests
  6. I swear there was someone with 100k quests. I don't remember the username.
  7. What can I say I got lucky
  8. I've not gotten any thing else out of the quest sense
  9. Back during osw I was hansel and just pinned troops on quests.... Could have gone ps but seemed a waste at the time. Plus Corinthian was needing info collecting on quest drop rates so that was a bonus.
  10. Yeah I knew about this, I knew 2 people ahead of me in quest count and I've since overtaken one of them. Might be others with more but I don't know.
  11. I saw someone with 500k few years ago