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  1. Do I continue to get the crystal after I have done ALL the quest
  2. Yes, but it is a extremely rare drop rate.
  3. So no 15 crystal for doing the last four quest again
  4. What kind of drop might I expect if I did the last four quest
  5. Crystals I believe are very rare, however it will also drop nobs and they are rare, but can seem to get one every unload or 2, obiviously will still take a bit to get enough to use, unless buying speakers!
  6. Sounds Worth the effort to me thank you
  7. Last I tested, it was a 0.026% chance to get a random xtal drop. That's roughly 1 xtal in 4000 quests chance.
  8. Don't worry about xtal drops from quests. The drop rate is so low at ~0.026% that you are probably better off going inactive for a few days and returning to claim xtals. Instead farm for nobs which have ~0.95% drop rate and you can use those to regen and purchase stuff.

    Ata should drop Stacy
  9. I didnt know %, but did realize crystal drops are very rare, just was letting jackie know they would have a little better chance at collecting nobs and by my experience, it seemed to drop one nob every couple unloads. Its not something I would do all the time but if wanting to use for speakers or something like a regen, name change, etc... especially if running ebs with alot of spy only action, it maybe worthwhile.
  10. After doing 80k+ quests I can say that nobility drops are 1 in 60 (used to be 1 in 50), and crystal drops are 1 in 7000.
  11. Quest have always had poor drop rates after the quest has been completed. I can't remember the last time i hit a quest. In the market place there are free offers. But they take some time and sometimes the marketing people need ss of the fact you have completed said offer.
  12. Thanks for the info it's a great help
  13. Does it matter which quest I do? Will harder quest drop more or just cost more troops
  14. Oh and do I have to unload all at once or can I hit a few times at a time.
  15. Doesn't matter which, but best to do the first one as it means least losses, plus it's at the top of the list so saves time.

    As for your other question, I think you are okay to hit a few at a time and not full unloads only. Although bear in mind you are best using the top % of your troop bar on an eb and the remaining leftover % on quests as this will give you best gold income.
  16. Thank you again your a fountain of knowledge
  17. To be honest I think it might be more time efficient walking around on the sidewalk trying to find coins and buying xtals with those than it is doing quests lol.
  18. I didn't even know that you could ...never heard of anyone getting one
  19. He’s got a plug at ATA that sells him nobs for coins on the side.
  20. Ok I think the whole damn green army answered this.! Ya think you got it ?