Quality of Life - Issue #1

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Harrow, Feb 11, 2020.


Should this Proposal be implemented

  1. For Sure!

  2. Heckin No!

  1. ⚜️Proposal:
    Automatically send an update in ClanChat that tells when an in game Clan Ad is posted in WorldChat.
    •Easy/Timesaver, it is a quality of life improvement after all.
    •Less accidental clan spamming, not this this is a huge problem but people do often forget to let their clan mates know when they post or don’t know that they need to.
    •No excuse, removes the excuse that you didn’t know your clan use were posting resulting in silences to though who actually do deserve them (or deter spam in the first place).
    ⚜️Please leave your support if you’d like to see this Quality of Life improvement
    Stay Awesome 😎
  2. People send ads in normal messages as well as clan ads. And sometimes, I’ll have convos with people using only clan ads. This won’t work for my needs
  3. Absolutely ZERO support you slob.