PvP Weekend Intermission July 23- July 26

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    Greetings Warriors!
    We will not be running the PVP Weekend Event between July 23rd and 26th.
    You can read more details below.

    The Short Version

    For those of you that would like the highlights:
    • We have investigated the lag reports everyone sent in over the weekend, thank you for alerting us!
    • We believe the PVP weekend event is the culprit of the lag
    • We will not be running a PVP Weekend Blitz/Bloody Crown event as usual between July 23rd and 26th to test this theory
    • You will be able to attack others and PVP/OSW/System wars as usual during this time
    • You will not be able to purchase the Declaration of War or Horn of Ciroa items during this time
    • If the event is not the cause of the lag, we will aim to turn it back on for next weekend
    • If the event is the cause of the lag, we will need to investigate more and update you on our next steps

    Please continue to share your reports with us, they really help us fix these problems! The most useful reports include:
    1. When the problem occurred, specifically. Date and time, down to the minute
    2. What you were trying to do when the problem occurred
    3. Any error codes you saw
    4. If you were you playing on wifi or using mobile data
    5. Any screenshots or especially screen captures of the issue

    The Longer Version

    A huge thank you to everyone for letting us know about the lag issues that players were experiencing during the last weekend. Lag is our mortal enemy, and we must vanquish it!

    We escalated the issue to our engineers, and based on their investigation they believe the issue is being caused by some aspect of the weekend PVP event. We don’t know precisely which aspect yet, but the best first step we can take is to not run the event during the upcoming weekend to see if the lag issues persist.

    If the lag issues do persist this weekend (and please report them if so!), then we have some more investigating to do, but if not, we will look more closely at the event setup itself and figure out what’s causing the issues.

    We sincerely apologize to those who were impacted by the lag issues, and to those who really enjoy the event and will miss it this weekend. We truly appreciate your help in getting this figured out! We’ll keep you posted on as the situation develops.

    Thanks again, and have a great weekend!

    - [ATA]Dev Team
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  2. I do not understand whats going on here! I never see or have any lag problems!!
  3. Thank you for addressing the lag problems 🙏🏻
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  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the attempt to fix the lag / spinning wheel of death on actions.
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  5. Seems to happen not just on weekends, but all the time. My issue is that an action is sent to you guys and the wheel spins for 30 seconds or more before returning the results of the action…especially frustrating in wars.

    closing and reopening the game (not a hard reset, just retuning to the phone Home Screen and reopening the app) brings up the game Home Screen and you can continue actions.

    then at some point later, the result of the action that hung pops up on the screen
  6. Sums up most of the problems.
    Lags also occurs on other actions, ie, opening clan page, eb page, even your own profile or other players'.
    Error will say something like 'Couldn't contact server. Please try again later.'

    Thats my 2 cents
  7. Ok yea many times my tapping actions really stucks!! Im wondering why n where lays this lagging problem if its from my new iphone, or from my internet connection or from the kaw app!!! Many times i must close n reopen the app during my tapping actions on ebs due to lags. Ok so now i know the lagging problem is not from my phone or from my good internet connection but its from the kaw games kaw apps n devs, thank you so much for fixing this issue…
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  8. These lagging problems will destroy my brand new iphone 12 pro max. Thank you for fixing the lag bugs devs.
  9. Same lag
  10. Fwiw, it seems like everything is sent and proceeded by the server in a reasonable time, it’s the information getting sent by the server back to us that is lagging.

    like I said earlier when I close the app and reopen I can continue hitting and I get the result of the lagged action pop up. On ebs the plunder looks to be about right for the troops levels I was hitting at, so it seems everything got logged and proceeded on the server side just fine. It’s sending back the info to the app that is lagging
  11. Pretty much sums it up.
    Im just glad y'all are taking an effort.
    Appreciate it.
  12. The lag appears for me weekend or not. Issue is the same as golthar says above, actions complete once I reopen but this happens at all times of the week especially post work hours (I am PST) but starts before I get off likely due to the time difference.
  13. Could it be the lag on the weekend is due to mass Crystal use on premium ebs??? If I’m in a premium eb clan on a weekend the lag is awful, it can make a 500+ trill difference between ebs. I go back to hone clan and ohhh seems ok again. Though we couldn’t possibly consider the mass spending of money being the issue 🤣🤣
  14. The lag improved a couple of days ago, but before that, it occurred all the time ... not just weekends, and on Android and IOS, WiFi and cellular, old devices and new devices, phones and tablets.

    Usually, but not always, it manifested itself during hits and was worst when close to running out of soldiers/spies. But it could occur anytime: upgrades, purchases, etc.

    The progress wheel would just spin and would usually clear in about a minute, but sometimes as long as five minutes, and sometimes never - requiring a restart.

    Whatever was done PRIOR to this weekend helped a lot. I always felt like message queues were getting clogged, and by restarting or context switching, I could be connected to a different queue that wasn't as congested.
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  15. Upgrade servers idiots, it’s that simple. Grow a brain or something
  16. The lag is still not fixed my phone lags in every eb i played today:(
  17. Try reinstalling the app and clearing cache
  18. I having dealt with IoT-based systems, which is essentially what online gaming really is, I think this problem is probably is not a server issue, per se, especially in a cloud-based elastic infrastructure as used by ATA. Throwing more virtual “iron” at it may not fix anything or only fix things for awhile. ATA probably already tried that.

    it is more likely related to a configuration issue with queue assignments or a software defect in servicing the queue from one end or the other.

    Whatever the cause, I’m happy to see ATA working to resolve the root cause.
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