PVP: the future of kaw?

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  1. Hey guys. Please share your thoughts on a reward system that would make you choose PVP over epic battles and ee. Even the most hardened osw clans are forced to run eb to keep up with community growth.

    I'd like to see:

    PVP plunder bonus spell made permanent

    Mith/nobs/xtal/building token drops from battle list PVP (rare)

    Event item drops from PVP battle list only. Eliminate the weekend pvp (which is basically people farming osf).

    Special equipment for steal achievement levels

    I'd like to hear ideas from the community that would incentivize you to spend money on PVP like you do for zta/hte etc. What benefits would you be looking for?

    The PVP aspect is what drew people to this game originally and it's still the most exciting part of it. Logging on to a full news feed of hits always beats a news feed of eb completions. Lol.

    All opinions on this topic are welcome.
  2. It would make sense, why run events for equipment (bfe) drops to equip to hit epic battles with said equipment.

  3. Agreed. They should have more offensive based equip tied to PVP. They used to do that with ee wars.

    The PVP equip should be more balanced or even defense heavy. I'm assuming the eb equip is so strong so that more people can hit goth/LOTL with much smaller stats.
  4. SUPPORT!!! You are a KaW visionary 
  5. I want rewards for clan destruction and driving people nuts *cough alpha dog cough cough* 
  6. Face it pvp weekend prevents kaw from dying

  7. Then let's extend PVP weekends to the whole event. 
  8. Lmao there are no permanent plunder spells. That's just crazy talk ;P
  9. No not necessarily u could get a chest thats randomly dropped from a br and it will be give u how much % as its programmed to do
  10. Make the pvp equipment received give a permanent plunder bonus. Bam.

    Plus the raven and talon from that one event give a permanent plunder bonus already so there's no way to disprove it
  11. Good idea but we all have different gameplay some want pve and others pvp.

  12. I'm talking about the spell you pay for.

  13. I'm not saying anything should be changed about the PvE aspect of the game or the event rewards for PvE. Although, I do think they should give more sb as a reward. Cap it at 5k for the 5000 item threshold. Make each threshold give significantly more lucrative equip. Top item earners don't really need the gold. They are already far enough ahead.
  14. low payout on osf-oaf hitting
    Low payout on no sdt or adt
    Rare equip rewards

    Hate hitting osfs-oafs i literally fall asleep while doing so and most other options in my range are towering up (like myself im no hypocrite) cause they dont wanna lose a sword or something and even thats super boring.
    Not to mention lack of participation cuz eb build noobs get targeted and smashed.
    We all know if theres an oaf-osf mid size everyone on top 50 jus racing xtaling on them.
    Pvp wasnt meant to be more boring than ebs.

    And suffice to say pvp is far more valuable participating at my size than much larger stats closer to bc due to sb payment. This is what will attract new players and orient them to war style kaw. I grew swiftly due to pvp and hitting other players and I didnt have to hit accounts like wenderful. I wouldve gotten bored much earlier if i did.
  15. Agree chooose. The PVP weekend events have been exploited. You can't afford not to exploit them if you want to gain significant rewards.

    I don't blame the players, I blame the devs. A better system can be designed.
  16. The hit range would need to be shrunk down. Plunder from PvP actions would have to be increased. all Accts caught opening as farms should be banned completely & any player caught farming these ACCTS...Ata would have to put on extra "undercover" staff to play more to see it's enforced properly. System wars should be scrapped and rebuilt from scratch to eliminate exploits. Better efforts by dev's are needed to remove bots & to create the same playing conditions such as reducing the speed of actions being made to match slower devices and making it so the way we all make an action has the same method as the number of taps is greater on sum devices leading to an advantage in hitting speed.
  17. I'd like to see pvp crux chests become an item in the shop
  18. I support this 100% and would love to see it happen
  19. I dont know why the molds need to broken. Why dont we just meet up in an alley somewhere and beat eachother senseless with sticks.

    It worked for Chadwick.
  20. Support 
    Except the eq from stls, there are still steal bars in some EB's
    Perhaps if there were EB counters and PvP counters on profiles rather than lumping it all together
    And achievements for each respective counter