PvP Revamp Proposal

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Zoltanocortez, Nov 27, 2015.

  1. OK so we all see the threads whining about PvP being left to collect dust and blah blah blah. Here's my simple, yet elegant solution. It's by no means a complete fix but it brings back the W in KaW... Otherwise they may as well rename the app kingdoms at EB and whiney noobs.

    When someone attacks/steals an opponent, they receive a base pay (which is what we get now) and also the gold that the enemy kingdom currently loses in that hit. Or at least a large portion of that gold, the math would have to be configured to avoid a scenario where infinite gold can be generated by bouncing attacks between alts.

    I don't care to do all the heavy thinking on this, I'm sure plenty of people can figure it out to where loopholes are more or less a non-issue. The point is simply to encourage PvP not just as a means to irritate other players but also a reliable method to grow as one yourself.

    Frankly I don't appreciate that I attack Hansel's at the top of my hit range all day and steal low sdt targets at the top end range, but make less gold in a day than someone that plops a seal down and spends all of 10 minutes unloading on it. Its no wonder everyone becomes an EB fairy, even farmers do because they have to grow to be able to farm! Its an outrage.

  2. Yep proposal denied
  3. If they got it right from the start it would be more profitable to hit other players than ebs and it would actually be a slightly skill based game, rather than purely dependant on time spent. Alas the game is nothing more than time filler with easy gratification.
  4. Im not going to lie id love to see this happen, have 40 trill out and yet only take 30 mill a steal or something? Not only is that just straight up disappointing but it also just doesn't make sense.

    It would be so much more fun if you stole that 40 trill back if you managed to fully strip when u really only get like a few billion among loads of players.

    I would certainly find much more satisfaction knowing that i not only made them lose 40 trill gold but received 40 trill or at least a %age of the total gold stripped like 50% or something just to have those extra spoils of war :D
  5. Quite noob no one cares.
  6. Personally, I think a reward system similar to the weekend pvp blitzes would work. 250 pieces to 1 item though. From this, you would receive another form of "currency" that could be used to buy equip and such. Each item would be worth a set amount you could sell for. You cannot buy the items.

    This would give more plunder, from selling the items. And when you sell equipment, you would receive the gold value of the items, not the items themselves.