pvp repeat action button

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  1. Honestly scouting bombing would be so much easier. Not to mention burning pots on assn. all around I see no negatives.
  2. EE would be crazeh :lol:

    Stripping would be quick

    Pot burning would be sexeh

    Scout bombing would be less boring

    WC Roulette would be funneher
  3. People wouldn't stand a chance.

    It PvP not EBs


    It's bad

    Very bad idea

    This sucks
  4. People won't stand a chance against other people? It's a change for all ppl same advantage and disadvantage to everyone.
  5. Better this is op as hell you can make someone dtw before they even have time to react
  6. No - bad idea - kaw is lazy enough as it is lol
  7. This thread has been made 100s of times before and it is always the same answer; it would wreck PVP.
  8. Not just no but HELL NO
  9. @hitman how would this wreck PvP? I think it would be grand and I love PvP.
  10. It would help when I'm driving doh
  11. This is a stupid idea. As it was said on page one. By the time you got notification of the actions. You'd most likely be pinned.

    Now maybe for PvP. When you select a pot(s) to hit. It should stay selected if still hitting the same person. Instead of having to reselect every time.
  12. If you had a repeat action for PvP the target of the inc would be pinned before could retaliate. Pots would be burned at 3x the pace would just completely ruin the game.
  13. I saw another lazy person who's too lazy to tap or click on a game where that's pretty much all you do post the same idea a few weeks ago. And another in May :lol:. Exercise your fingers man. NE;NS
  14. Op has some nice sdt but us pvp'ers can still get through it . Horrible idea it deserves a strip farm
  15. Also we know op doesnt do ee, lol's at his equip