PvP Plunder Bonus Display Issue

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  1. Hey everyone,

    After looking into reports of PvP Plunder Bonus not appearing correctly it turns out this is a display issue. PvP Plunder is a new concept in Kingdoms at War, and it seems the game client is having issues displaying it in some situations.

    Right now the Plunder value on your Equipment Page shows 0% on Android devices, and a rounded whole number on iOS. Tapping through to view the specific Item Details will however show you the correct PvP Plunder Bonus of an item.

    I want to stress that this is only a display issue and that the bonus is indeed being used in calculations on the server side of things. We'll be working to better indicate PvP Plunder Bonus and fix these display issues in an upcoming version of the game.
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  4. I'm on a galaxy s5, it won't let me tap on my eq to view specific details, I've already tried restarting the game and my device, it still doesn't work.
  5. Mine says 2% but it's 2.6 I think. But every time I enchant the PVP equipment my plunder goes up so it does work correctly. It's just a display issue. I think there was so many bugs. I sent feed back and got a reply saying Devs never noticed anything out of the norm. I lost a sword with no inc also lost shards on a separate occasion. I hope the bugs get fixed before next PVP event.
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  8. Re: PvP Plunder Bonus Display Issue doesn't

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  10. PvP plunder bonus is new?

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  13. My alt lost over half it's shards that way :lol: was on top 500 lb got screwed.
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  15. Mine not only doesn't show my PvP bonus, but on my achievements it only shows level 1. I had over 500 shards, so shouldn't it be level 2?
  16. Yup