PVP / OSW Clan Meter Reward Improvement

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  1. Isn't it curious that ppl don't care when you call out a so-called "EB fairy", but call someone a PvP poser and they get all defensive?
  2. where does it say that? You might be confused with someone else mentioning that! There is no where OP has said tokens are based on plunder received but based on relatively size difference and (recently) difficulty of hit. Go double check it.

    If plunder was directly linked to tokens - then yes you would be totally correct - but its not if you checked. If Clan A full of attack builds decided to open up an osf clan - then yes they can farm their alts to their hearts content but if their aim is to farm tokens to reach a high level - then they will be disappointed as the difficulty of attacks element would only result in little drops and no large increase in the prestige meter will occur. If I have read OP correctly, it will take a significant attacks on similar / large sized accounts over a long period to reach higher levels and not some 6 hour war.

    btw ..
    Frog stl 0/3/11 np ass 1/1/11 np

    at least i got one successful action in :)
  3. Totally SUPPORT this idea 

    The only thing left is for someone to actually consider implementing all the great ideas being placed on the table...
  4. @frog reasoning and intelligence has no stats in kaw, but coming from a player with 3 years experience and play kaw beside the eb slamming you done threw your kaw career. This is a great idea for PvP this could have stop a lot of player from quitting even resetting when they get bored of the same eb. With all these promo that come out that leader boards use to there advantage. I don't see you crying on a forum for that reason. So you have to come here and be butt hurt because people want an improve pvp. You my friend are a PvP poser and a huge eb fairy this forum is not for you mate. I saw a forum for a eb that fights back that might be more in your level.
  5. Support this is a good idea  Would make me way more interested in this game.
  6. Please post support, so devs can give a comment on this like they did on the apple market.
  7. I hope devs no support this
  8. @omar why do you not support this isea. Is there any twearks that can be made for improve PvP that osw.
  9. Theres nothing wrong with osw lol. If you're gonna put your clan through months of war it will be about what you take, not what you make
  10. What if you can improve what you take so strips can be done with less people and you can take faster durning a strip.
  11. If it doesnt hurt you, why no support
  12. Did you steal this from clash of clans? XD
  13. No support, solution to exploit is too pathetic

    Itd have to be after 5 actions on the same account from the clan, u cant drop any more but that defeats the purpose of getting this from osw or whatever.

    Besides, need breaks inbetween pvp events to repot and i think the pvp events are solid enough to want to play as a pvp player.

    I reread that and i realise my point is vague.

    What I'm trying to say is, the pvp events are a good step in the right direction and they satisfy my needs for pvp enough... If i was more active i mean.

    I dont like that this pve event is on without a pvp event but hey im hardly on anyway.
  14. Support great idea.
  15. Support. Will make Kingdoms at War TRUELY Kingdoms at War.
    This could be a game changer!