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  1. I'll keep this short and simple, and I apologize now for the lack of fancy text etc, I'm just not the type so let's move on and have a good talk.

    I was gone from KaW for a good few years, life had taken it's toll and I couldn't afford the luxury of free time anymore. Now things have changed and I have returned with a vengeance.

    I placed 3rd in the last PvP Event with this outdated and ancient Maximum Turtle build, so I was curious to hear what ranks everyone else got with their builds.

    There are a lot of new factors with Furnishings & Rewards having made a debut since I was here last, but I'm mainly interested in Build Types, their effectiveness, and how you all make yours work for you.

    To explain my build a bit, I do indeed get close to no plunder from attacks and steals, but that works in my favor to keep my enemy open indefinitely after I buy a cheap ally off of them. I grow by farming the Silver Bar milestone rewards in PvP.

    Im so Tank Heavy that once I steal a Paladins Blade I can fall asleep and wake up to still having it. I do not need to Crystal. At most I activate Mithril Spells due to an excess of Mithril. This build follows Pure Spy Law, so i can not be Stolen from if I have no gold out.

    In War I mainly play a Support role since my income is laughable, but played effectively and dedicatedly I'm the stuff from nightmares. And that just about wraps up the main points of my Maximum Turtle, now then, I look forward to hearing from the few dedicated PvPers we have left, those that never forgot what this game was truly about from Day 1.
  2. Let's be honest all you people do is hit a PS I could be way off but I don't think that is how the game is meant to be played.
  3. I personally don't, it's an option but my need for efficiency won't allow it if it can be helped.

    I seek low Troop Defense and Spy Defense players that are actually actively PvPing in the event, as the more items they have the more items they seem to pay.

    I only hit those open farms when I can't find a normal player that's not DTW, as stated prior the pay from Open Farms is sub par so really, it's the choice for the lazy and inefficient.
  4. All you're hitting and winning with that terrible build is open farms. Making out like you're some sort gods gift to PvP or something get out of here.
  5. Clearly you don't know how BFE/BFA/Furnishings/Charms and other stat boosts work, good to know we still have children in this game ( c.c)
  6. Charms don't work, or so many claim. Even if they did the amount you have in charms, furnishings, and bfe don't make up for the atk power being lost with your turtle build
  7. Your bfe is outdated, most likely getting noob inc, as I could plunder with ease. But I still hit osf and oaf :> event is an event
  8. True Adust, most of my stuff is massively outdated, but Charms work in PvP and I'll be back up to where I need to be in a month or so o;

    And good to see you're still the same Deus, honest but analytical and respectful, glad not all the good ones disappeared on me ( ^^)
  9. According to your equip you were definitely here for charms before. Also your build isn't so much tank as it is "I want to be out of most players who might really hit back hit range."

    Also the PvP events are almost purely hitting OSFs and OAFs. You don't get paid a higher amount of pieces for hitting more active players, you get more pieces for size differential, which is why most people hit bigger farms.

    Sure, there is still some PvP that goes on there, but not much as it's mostly people who barely return fire unless there's a sword to be had. That's how the event is structured to work most efficiently though so it's not necessarily 100% the player bases fault.

    Anyway, have fun however you choose.
  10. Interesting, so it's size differential that does it, and here I thought it was amount of PvP items your victims had collected. How silly of me o:
  11. When you come out of pin I'll take your sword :)
  12. You're definitely free to try, they aren't hard to come by :3