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  1. Where have they gone? I'm not talking of blitzes where are the 100% PvP events?

    I suggest some new b2b copy paste events, EB blitzes on weekend and PvP the rest of the week everyone is opted in auto.

    Or PvP all week and ee at weekends ebs won't drop event items.

    Pure PvP event everyone opted in.

    Events like the twin path event (forgot the specific name) where you can choose to go either PvP or ebs.

    OK so rewards I don't like equip every event there is no need for it banners are fine but we can keep all the rewards as they are now just take the equip out only reward equip for special events for example Halloween or Christmas.

    Next event is Christmas I suggest a Santa's hat and a Christmas tree for equip.

    And a reindeer for the pet update that is on its way top 100 and top 10 get super reindeer's.
  2. Sounds fun what's the rewards
  3. I don't know some special equip that will be outdated 2 weeks later?
  4. Sounds legit^
  5. Oh that sounds fun. Lets do it!
  6. Since Christmas is coming up I suggest an event giving a Santa's hat as equip and a Christmas tree as a offhand.

  7. 

    I agree, although I don't look forward to self pinning for 3 weeks.. Lol
  8. Where everyone opted in. Too many lost a lot of gold and cried to devs.
    Devs made all events opt in. But as much as some love them. Some hate them.
    Would be good to see quarterly eb hunts for two weeks at a time alternating with pvp opt in events.
    So 16 weeks of planned pvp and eb events total

    The other weeks having pvp blitz weekends plus a season thrown in.

    Possibly with quarterly Black Friday style events and sales hint hint devs
    Better value and something for everyone without having b2b events thrown at us.
  9. Christmas event. Sleigh evil Santa
  10. Could have a evil santa eb at weekends that would be fun.
  11. Yes I understand people cry but they will just have to get used to it and deal with it really.
  12. Personally,

    Watching the rage quits due to the auto-opt in was hilarious. There were a few LBs who retired from that event if I remember correctly. :lol:
  13. Support blitzes suck
  14. These were pretty awesome, I used my alt way back when for the pvp events and had a blast. 2 weeks made it fun, and it wasn't a burn out like many of these eb events that constantly go on.

    It was fun collecting the thalamite shards and then waking up with 0 :lol: made things interesting and kept me involved
  15. Well said
  16. Still can't find the logic required to support this idea. Devs tried this already. Last year they did the Shard event. First & only pure PvP event & opted everyone in for 2 weeks. Results? By day 4 or 5 Devs had to put in a opt out feature because while few in the kawmunity myself included enjoyed the event the mass majority did not want to participate. Which speaks in a major way as to why this is not a good idea. Previous promos allowed a 2 week opt in side as well as a pve side to coexist. Granted the PvP side should have offered better rewards OR easier means to obtain higher their rewards based on risk verses reward theory. Enough of the hate towards ebs. There here for a reason & thanks to promos that players spend massive amounts on help keep kaw alive so players like yourself can complain about about them another day.
  17. They should make an epic ugly christmas sweater as an eq reward
  18. 200% SUPPORT FOR AUTOMATIC OPT IN PVP EVENT..(with EB's disabled for that while)
    It'll finally Feel like this is a war game with no fairies For a few days
  19. Not hating on ebs I need them to grow at the same pace as everyone else as it is now but if ebs were gone from kaw it would be a much better game.

    I did add another event to the op.