Pvp Eb hybrid. New eb idea.

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  1. Overview/Summary

    >A premium eb costing between 200-300 nobs value too open
    > once opened gives every clan member currently in clan a 50-75% pvp pluder spell
    > lasts 3 hours long, takes minimal hits too get too final phase
    > once at final phase get a limitless counter that ticks up 1 for every successful pvp action done in clan
    > when eb ends a bonus based on individual conuters and total clan counters is given out as the epic battle bonus .

    Mages Of Bloodshed: The Slaughter (MOBS)

    Ph1: your armies arrive at the edge of a massive battlefield of a battle fought long, long ago...

    use 20 acient archmage staffs (10-15nobs each)

    *UPDATE* as the last Staff is struck into the soft mud a pillar of sickly red light shoots from the middle of the ritual circle, the sun fades from the realm and the bloodmoon shines bright, the Mages of Bloodshed rise too fight once more.

    - advance through the hailstorm of arcane arts too reach the Mages (scout 10k )
    -Archmage Babroth stands before you, his enchanted battleaxe stands several stories taller than even your mightiest forces (attack/assn archmage babroth 50k)
    - Archmage Goyuck is healing the other mages, you must finish him off quickly... (attack/ assn archmage goyuck 50k)
    -Archmage Tidol creates a magical barrier, impenetrable too any physical attack, but requires intense focus too maintain, get inside his head (use mindscream 50k damage)

    *Update* As Tidol's barrier drops, your forces begin too make their final advance towards the remaining archmages, suddenly they chant in low raspy voices , the same red glow you saw shoot from the ground emanates from the mages , rapidly enveloping you armies, branded with the mark of the slaughter, the bloodbath has begun.

    Ph3: your armies erupt into a fit of pure rage stronger than ever before but with no control your forces need too feed on the blood of your enemies.

    Feast: 0/????? attack other players too quench the bloodlust of your armies
    (Each won action gives 1 point with bonus multipliers at 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000 and 20000 actions combined)

    (If atleast 1k actions are completed at eb timer expiration): the spell wears off of your forces , they turn too finish the archmages and see the remaining few crumble too dust before your eyes, the mages of bloodshed have been defeated .

    (Explaition for ending)
    Pvp is done until the eb timer expires , as long as atleast 1000 actions are put out the Eb completes at timeout instead of the clan being defeated .

    Any thoughts/questions?
  2. If its more viable/ easier too do have 4 teirs with 5-10-15-20k actions needed (with a downticker instead of an upcounter )and increase the time too 6 hours (with different cost per teir)
  3. Count up based on gold plundered, rather than actions. You could just hit/scout low tier enemies/inactives to boost counter. Bonus determined on gold plundered.
  4. Too complex but good idea
  5. How I would exploit this is have ppl of kaw funnel money into some OSF’s and you have pwars 2.0. Maybe something that might be useful is less plunder for hitting the same target (think 2% less each hit on same target) so you can unload once on an OSF but that’s it
  6. Why waste money and actions when you can make more doing NK (after price conversion) this is so pvp players can get plunder and event items almost solely from pvp
  7. For the final phase, why not make the PvP an optional bar that has a ton of health (like 100,000,000) and goes down with PvP (somehow, but sounds easier than counting up). Then clans can finish eb easily and whenever by doing a handful of pots or something. This gives the added bonus of forcing clans to be wary about who they let in during eb :) don't want a mole to finish eb too soon.
  8. Good idea. Ill add it into my re-work
  9. Bump too hopefully get enough eyes in this too receive developer attention
  10. I really like this.