PvP Day One Luck Promo

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  1. Forgive my first serious thread, I'd do some bbcode but I'm not fancy or taught enough so... Here goes, enjoy the Luck Lottery.

    PvP is on, and I spawned a Sword almost instantly as per usual, but this time I figured I'd make a game of losing it.

    See, I'm built to block nearly all incoming, which means I'll only be at my most vulnerable when I sleep. That being the case, im also a forgetful, chronic smoker.

    So throughout the day I might stop being DTW, at night i definitely will, and when I do, it'll be a mass fight for my sword so... Have fun, and good luck ( -3-)7
  2. Can we get a forum ban here
  3. What the flip
  4. I've Crystaled 4 times since the main post and gone to nap twice. I guess a Blades just not that useful anymore ( o.-)
  5. Congratz to


    For being the one lucky hit out of the 1000 that went through AND took my Blade.

    Now im awake, fully rested, and have a new blade so... enjoy Round 2
    ( -3-);
  6. Congrats on having so many towers that you are useless
  7. Hrm?

    I own PvP and war as a support type, but if you, the all powerful Onesy thinks I'm useless, then it must be

  8. Well, my second Blade has vanished (Bad timing) but I've managed to steal a new one with 22 hours left on it.

    Round 3.

    She begins ( -3-)7