PvP 2017 current Event

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by IllIIlllIIIDeAtHIllIIlllIII, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. We need more to join the event. As SATAN pointed out it's kinda creepy hitting the same people constantly.
  2. No thanks
  3. Events suck simple as that.
  4. thats y ppl call ariana grande an event and thts why ppl call my genitalia a pvp
  5. Well. I got my 2 pieces of 8 or whatever the hell they're calling them this week so I can call the whole event done :/
  6. Hunt down and prey upon those noobs who opt in these last few hours. It's my favorite part off the Event. then lets name them and shame them if they cry about it.
  7. Well PVP event came and went once again. This time no new noobs opted in at the last minutes. At least on my BL. Admittedly last event I hammered the last minute New joins hard. Did they all learn a valuable lesson? 